Invite billionaires as guests to your Annual Meeting

Released on = June 19, 2007, 3:15 pm

Press Release Author = Ben Campbell

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = With the BILLIONAIRES LIST you can invite billionaires as
guests to your Annual Meeting.

Press Release Body = Now corporate Board of Directors members and/or corporate
executives can invite billionaires as guests to your Annual Meeting or as guests at
your Board of Directors Meeting(s).
I know that sounds impossible, but, its true! With the use of the BILLIONAIRES
LIST you can make such invitations. And, do it in volume, too.
The BILLIONAIRES LIST indexes 450 U.S. Billionaires and includes their mailing
addresses and telephone numbers, so, you can extend such invitations. And, you
can even telephone billionaires to confirm their reservations, too.
All the strategic business information in the BILLIONAIRES LIST is word processed
and recorded on a computer diskette which you can view and use on your desktop
computer. You get 450 U.S. billionaires names, their corporate names, corporate
mailing addresses, their telephone numbers and fax numbers. All the information
you (or anyone) would need to communicate with 450 U.S. Billionaires.
Most corporate Board of Directors are not in the practice of inviting
billionaires to be guests at their Annual Meetings nor at their Board of
Directors Meetings. Mostly because \"contact information\" for most billionaires is
simply not available and can not be easily obtained. The BILLIONAIRES LIST
changes all of they, because, it give users all of that information.
Invite billionaires as guests to your next Annual Meeting or your next Board of
Directors. This could well be the wisest business decision you ever make!
For additional information about the BILLIONAIRES LIST visit thew website at URL:

[The website also has a SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST available - 175 swiss billionaires].


Web Site =

Contact Details = Ben Campbell
Tel: 323-573-2501

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