Red Rock Casino Resort makes bingo and bowling Las Vegas hip - No really

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Press Release Summary = Stroll into the Red Rock Casino Resort on your next Vegas
golf trip for (bingo) cards and (bowling alley) rocks. Resort reviews at

Press Release Body = By Chris Baldwin,
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Golf Publisher Syndications

Red Rock Casino Resort is one of the newer and more-unknown hotels in Las Vegas. Out
near the red rocks and away from the Strip, Red Rock delivers four-star rooms and
high-class bingo and bowling. It\'s a different kind of Vegas hotel for your next
golf trip.

LAS VEGAS (June 21, 2007) - The entire gigantic place looks like the set of a CSI
nightclub scene. It\'s all red plush couches and gleaming colored glass.

If you ordered hip from a catalog of cool, this is what you\'d end up with.

You\'re in the Red Rock Casino Resort, the new hotel that\'s far from the Vegas Strip
and yet very cutting edge. This is the kind of setting that Young Hollywood flocks
to in L.A.

Of course, it\'s hard to imagine any Tinseltown snobs carousing in a place where
bingo and bowling gain prominent billing. That\'s right, bingo and bowling. Your
grandmother\'s game and Fred Flintstone\'s game.

This is what happens when you put a high-end four-star hotel (minimum room price
$149) about 30 minutes from the frenzy of Las Vegas Boulevard out the near the real
red rocks of a desert national park. You find yourself straddling two worlds.

Red Rock does it by offering all the plush comforts that guests like Rudy Giuliani
expect (the presidential contender held a big-money fundraiser here), while
providing things locals can love. Like a bingo hall that could make the Church Lady
faint in genuflection, and a 72-lane bowling alley.

This isn\'t just any bingo and bowling though.

As a Red Rock sales manager said, \"It\'s the city\'s most upscale bingo room.\" He
probably could have safely said it was the entire Western Hemisphere\'s.

At Red Rock, you can play bingo in the comforts others play high-stakes craps

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June 22, 2007
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