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Released on = June 7, 2007, 4:28 pm

Press Release Author = Tony Grijalva Jr.

Industry = Advertising

Press Release Summary = While search engines list sites relevant to particular keywords or keyterms, listing a site in a link directory lists sites according to theme, niche, and content. In this particular article, the discussion revolves around using specific link directories to find specific forums that use specific forum scripts in order to demonstrate the breath and depth of the scripts that are use to build online communities.

Press Release Body = There are millions of websites on the internet. And while search engines such as Google (, MSN (, and Yahoo ( assist many people to find a particular product or website, the results returned are specific to the particular keyword(s) entered into that engine. In other words, search engine results are keyword specific -- not content related.

Enter the link directory.

A link directory is a collection of websites organized around a common theme or niche. They are helpful for finding sites that are related to one another according to the particular theme or niche advertised on the link directory. For example, if one were to look for a forum using the major search engines, the results of the search would largely depend upon the phrasing and the particular words entered.

A link directory, however, accepts a listing based upon whether or not it meets certain criteria. For example, if one wanted to begin their own on-line forum community, the first logical question would be , "Which forum software should I use.. and why?"

And while there are many forum scripts on the market, some of them are free and some of them require payment. The Simple Machines Forum Directory ( gathers and lists those forum communities powered by the Simple Machines Forum software. It is a popular forum script because it is flexible, powerful, intuitive, and FREE. The phpBB Forum Directory ( lists forum directories powered by the free forum script, phpBB. However, if one desires to see what paid forum software offers, there is The Invision Power Board Forum Directory ( and there is the vBulletin Forum Directory ( All of the aforementioned forum directories collect and display all the necessary information for advertising and connecting to the various forums powered by the free and paid forum scripts.

In terms of relevancy and in terms of how these link directories differ from the search engines, there are several points: (1.) these link directories are more likely to feature forums not yet listed on the major search engines, (2.) these link directories are further arranged according to 700 different topic categories of content, (3.) using these directories are an excellent way of promoting both new and established websites free of charge, and (4.) one can browse the diversity of forums to discover how flexible and different the various forum scripts are.

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