Information executives find BILLIONAIRES LIST an information `goldmine`

Released on = July 2, 2007, 10:17 am

Press Release Author = Ben Campbell

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = CIO\'s find strategic applications for information in the

Press Release Body = Information executives (mainly CIO\'s) are finding that the
information in the BILLIONAIRES LIST is literally an information \"gold mine\" which
is the ideal reference for enterprise applications.
For one thing the BILLIONAIRES LIST provides you with the addresses and telephone
numbers of 450 U.S. Billionaires which has business usage so numerous too mention
it all here. Investment Intelligence is one of the major usages of this
information. Cultivation of new investors by your companys\' investor relation
program is another strategic use of the information. Not to mention the
development of \"billionaire clients\" from the use of the information in the
BILLIONAIRES LIST has only been on the market for less than 5 years and most
corporate information executives have not even discovered its existance. Yet,
those information officers who have discovered it and used it see an information
\"goldmine\" which can give your Board of Directors far reaching advantages over the
executives of competitors. Your executives can be thinking of doing business with
billionaires while competitions executives will not even be thinking about them
and will have no ideal that you are.
BILLIONAIRES LIST can well become one of the most valuable additions to your
corporate information resources. The ability to instantly or immediately
communicate with billionaires (and with allmost any billionaire) is a capabliity
very few corporations have. Yet, the BILLIONAIRES LIST gives that ability to its
Because the BILLIONAIRES LIST comes recorded on a computer diskette you can add
it to your \"corporation information resources\" in a strategic way for strategic
use and application.
Does your corporate executives need the ability to immediately communicate with
most billionaires? Will BILLIONAIRES LIST become an information \"goldmine\" for
your corporations information executives?
The BILLIONAIRES LIST is completely discribed on the website at URL:


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Contact Details = Ben Campbell
Tel: 323-573-2501

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