Jollibee - not only for kids

Released on = July 27, 2007, 1:50 am

Press Release Author = expressregalo

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = The Jollibee Food Corporation has been feeding the Filipino
People for as long as I can remember, what made this giant the way is it now

Press Release Body = For as long as I can remember, kids of all ages always asked
for one thing when they are asked where they would want to eat, and one cry would
always echo "Jollibee!" The Jollibee Food Corporation has been a titan in the
Philippine fast food industry for the past few decades and it shows no sign of
slowing down. The Jollibee Food Corporation has expanded its reach to every part of
the Philippines and is now expanding to countries with Filipino communities giving
them a feel home wherever they are right now. So what makes Jollibee Food
Corporation the success that it is now? One word: change, Jollibee Food Corporation
has taken in change as a constant in their business, being able to adapt is the best
quality any business can have and to able to capitalize on that adaptation is the
best effect any change can bring forward. Over the years the Jollibee Food
Corporation changed in so many ways but still managed to keep and strengthen its
identity, the changes they made are those that made their product and services
better and kept true to their values thus giving them unimaginable success and
making them a true Filipino fast food. For all those who want to follow Jollibee
Food Corporation's example, just set your values in the right direction, adapt with
the winds of change and try to survive doing the best you can muster. If you want to
try out Jollibee Food Corporation's taste then just log on to

Web Site =

Contact Details = 43654675

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