Local girl can hack it in a man`s world

Released on = July 2, 2007, 8:31 am

Press Release Author = BeyondPR

Industry = Marketing

Press Release Summary = Local girl Laurie Rowe of Sheffield has created a new and
easy way of tightening the blade of a hacksaw, much to the surprise of her male

Press Release Body = Local girl Laurie Rowe of Sheffield has created a new and easy
way of tightening the blade of a hacksaw, much to the surprise of her male

She was initially unsure where to go with her idea, but she has now received advice
and guidance from Atkinson & Company together with Fixed Fee IP which has helped her
begin the launch of her invention.

The young female inventor has studied engineering and came up with the idea after
seeing the struggle that workers had when trying to tauten blades to prevent them
from snapping during usage. Previous methods have used butterfly screws or levers,
but Ms Rowe's idea involves a trigger mechanism on the handle on which the hacksaw
frame can be pulled back, and the blade tightened through tension. There is also a
catch for easy release of the blade without causing any breakages.

Ms Rowe is currently searching for market interest of her invention with the help of
Inventor-Net - created and supported by Atkinson & Company, in partnership with
Fixed Fee IP. Inventor-Net brings together local professionals and experts from a
wide range of disciplines to give inventors the kick start and direction their ideas
need, without any risk of their idea being stolen. As Ms Rowe's idea has not yet
been trademarked, it has proved useful that Inventor-Net protects any ideas that are
brought in. Inventor-Net will guide Ms Rowe in the appropriate direction to raise
the profile of her product, and the team are confident that the technique will take
off in the industry. Ralph Atkinson, director of Atkinson & Company, said: "It is
always satisfying to see inventors from our region with exciting and useful new
ideas. In this case, it is even more refreshing to see a woman's face among the
inventors, which actually doesn't happen a lot."

Inventor-Net Confidential has arranged the following dates in Sheffield, for those
who have an idea or just want to know more:

Wednesday 11 July
Wednesday 15 August
Wednesday 12 September
Wednesday 17 October
Wednesday 14 November
Wednesday 12 December

In addition to patents and trademark information, Inventor-Net can also provide
advice from professionals in the product development, legal, accountancy, marketing
and PR sectors. All initial advice is given free of charge as part of the opening
Inventor-Net Confidential consultation.

Anyone with an idea who needs free advice on inventions, patents and trademarks,
should call Eileen Ellis on 0870 850 0043 to arrange their free, totally
confidential consultation with the experts at Inventor-Net.

For further information, visit www.atkinsonandco.com and www.fixedfeeip.com

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