Millions could be saved on UK local authority construction bill

Released on = July 5, 2007, 3:03 am

Press Release Author = BeyondPR

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Press Release Summary = South Yorkshire inventor dreams up ingenious kerb-protector

Press Release Body = Local Authorities and the construction industry across the
country could save millions of pounds in construction and maintenance costs thanks
to the invention of a new kerb protection tool by a South Yorkshire inventor. The
idea comes from Steven Graham, who contacted Sheffield-based Inventor-Net to seek
professional advice on his ideas. The protector works by fitting over the kerb,
allowing heavy machinery to roll over it safely without fear of damage.

Having worked in construction for a number of years, Steven knew the problems of
damaged kerbs. Roads must be constructed before any surrounding buildings, so the
heavy building equipment can cause the kerbs to become cracked or sunken. Local
councils require kerbs to be in excellent condition before they will consider taking
ownership of a road, and construction workers found that many kerbs needed replacing
after buildings had been erected. At a cost of 22 for each section of kerb
replaced, the price of getting kerbs up-to-scratch can soon run into the thousands
on any one individual construction project. The proposed kerb protector will
eliminate the need to replace kerbs, and therefore avoid the cost of later repairs.

Inventor-Net has helped Steven set the ball rolling on his idea. Created and
supported by Atkinson & Company, in partnership with Fixed Fee IP, Inventor-Net has
a panel comprised of those with practical, working business expertise, many of which
have set up their own businesses and got through the invention process. This first
hand knowledge is invaluable to those who have just started the process themselves,
like Steven Graham, a first-time inventor who needed that initial guidance.
Inventor-Net Confidential has arranged the following dates in Sheffield, for those
who have an idea or just want to know more:
11 July; 15 August; 12 September; 17 October; 14 November; 12 December

Inventor-Net Confidential brings together local professionals and experts from a
wide range of disciplines to give inventors the kick start and direction their ideas
need, without any risk of their idea being stolen. Should an inventor wish to pursue
a patent or trademark, Fixed Fee IP can offer a fixed price service and also guide
the individual in the direction of other support services that may be relevant.
Ralph Atkinson, director of Atkinson & Company, said: "We deliver a service which
points inventors like Steven in the right direction for launching a new idea. We aim
to make sure that more and more of our region's great ideas reach commercial
fruition, and we feel that our experienced Inventor-Net team can provide just that".
The Inventor-Net model has been so successful we are looking at expanding it to
other areas across the UK."

In addition to patents and trademark information, Inventor-Net can also provide
advice from professionals in the product development, legal, accountancy, marketing
and PR sectors. All initial advice is given free of charge as part of the opening
Inventor-Net Confidential consultation.

Anyone with an idea who needs free advice on inventions, patents and trademarks,
should call Eileen Ellis on 0870 850 0043 to arrange their free, totally
confidential consultation with the experts at Inventor-Net. For further information,
visit and

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