Preparation Equates to an `A+` When Gearing Up for the `Back to School` Season

Released on = July 9, 2007, 2:10 pm

Press Release Author = Carol Felzien, KolbeCo Marketing Resources

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = A minimal investment coupled with an eye-catching theme can
give retailers the edge they need for a successful Back to School promotion.

Press Release Body = While the majority of summer lovers are still lounging poolside
with nary a care in the world, one thing is for certain - you can count on the fact
that savvy retailers are gearing up for the pivotal moment when parents and children
descend with school supply lists in hand. And when they do, you'll want to make
sure you have everything they need in the way of the latest fashions and must-have
classroom supplies.

But what makes some retailers more prepared and successful than others during this
annual high traffic sales period? "Atmosphere and presentation are the cornerstones
of a successful Back to School sales period," said Jim Minard, Nu-Era vice president
of sales and marketing. "It is important that your store reflects the anticipation
and excitement associated with starting a new school year. By doing so, you'll
reach out to your customers and capture the essence of what every family needs for
their school-bound students from kindergarten through the college years."

Minard's company, Nu-Era, specializes in providing a variety of fixtures and
supplies for retailers nationwide. Nu-Era offers a wide range of products to help
retailers draw attention to and capitalize on their in-store promotions at "There are an increasing number of retailers vying for customers,"
he adds, "so it has never been more important for store owners to go the extra mile
with all promotions, including Back to School."

For example, Nu-Era offers a complete line of garment racks, grid displays,
fixtures, and shelves.everything a retailer needs to ensure their school supplies
and related merchandise are visible and uniquely displayed. And, don't forget
mannequins and forms, which definitely come in handy for displaying T-shirts,
sweatshirts and school uniforms.

Minard recommends retailers get creative with their Back to School promotions. In
addition to signage, he suggests dedicating a prominent, "up front" area of the
store to house items for the student set. Bright colors and decorations for your
store's Back to School section will further enhance visibility and capture the
enthusiasm of the moment. Minard also recommends retailers implement promotions
they can advertise, such as a drawing for toys or the latest video games to capture
attention and get customers in the door.

The bottomline? Don't make the mistake of relying on the event itself to boost
sales volume without any effort on your part upfront. Regardless of the theme you
choose to market to this year's Back to School crowd, it will be important to find a
unique niche that sets your store apart from the competition. A minimal investment
could easily put you head and shoulders above competing retailers helping you earn
that A+ your store so rightly deserves.

Nu-Era and are services of The Nu-Era Group, LLC -the industry leader in
store fixtures, supplies, and fulfillment. Nu-Era has been providing its customers
with competitively priced quality products with customer-oriented service since
1949. For more information, visit them online at For more tips and
related articles, visit Nu-Era's Retail Supply Information Blog at

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