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Released on = July 5, 2007, 9:59 pm

Press Release Author = sevenwholesale

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Be ready for the news that will sweep you off you feet,
because brand name clothes will be sold at the lowest prices possible. Interested?
Read on

Press Release Body = Is window shopping a long lived hobby of yours because of the
price of clothes? Doesn't it suck when you see the perfect outfit but when you look
at your wallet you'd have to choose whether you're going to buy those clothes or are
you going to spend it for the week's grocery, why not do both and spare yourself
from making that choice. Presenting Wholesale Clothing, America's one and only
online store that sells brand name clothing at prices that wouldn't let you think
twice, by that I mean you'd just say "Sold!" Wholesale clothing houses brands like
Sean John, Makaveli, Apple Bottoms, 7Seven and many more. You read it right;
Wholesale Clothing caters to any age of any gender. Wholesale Clothing is perfect
for anyone looking for the perfect outfit at rock bottom prices. Unlike other
bargain shops out there Wholesale Clothing sports only the latest fashions from the
best brands and not clothes that would give out clouds of dust when you take out of
the box. When it comes to the question of quality, Wholesale Clothing guarantees
that each item of clothing is inspected for any damage; any tear in the fabric is
unacceptable and returned to the line, this is to ensures that you can wear the item
you bought without worry of any deformities in your outfit. Where else can you find
brand name clothes that are sold at their kind of prices? So hurry and log on to
Wholesale Clothing at to get that perfect bargain now!

Web Site = http://

Contact Details = 46957635467

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