Recover Lost Music from Apple iPod!

Released on = July 13, 2007, 7:11 am

Press Release Author = DiskInternals Data Recovery

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Recover lost tunes from Apple iPod in just five mouse clicks

Press Release Body = Portable audio players get more advanced and feature-rich every
year. Unfortunately, extra complexity means extra vulnerability for your music
collection stored inside the devices.

What if a hard drive in your iPod crashes, and its file system becomes corrupt? Hard
drives crash regularly on PCs, why taking chances with your iPod? Just disconnecting
your iPod without following a proper safe removal procedure may result in corrupt
file system and lost information. Finally, you can simply delete a song, or worse,
format the entire hard drive by an accident.

iPods don't come with tools allowing you recover lost data. Of course, you can
easily fix your iPod by simply re-formatting its hard drive, but you'll have to
compile your collection of songs once again, spending hours of time if you've had a
big one. Or, if you had a backup, you can restore your collection from there; but,
hey, how many people back up their MP3 players?

Save hours of your time and get back your tunes with merely five mouse clicks!
DiskInternals Recovery for Ipod recovers lost songs in a matter of minutes. It comes
with familiar iPod style user interface, and is as easy to use as genuine iPod
software. DiskInternals Recovery for Ipod supports all types of MP3 players and most
popular audio formats, including the mp3, wma, and wav formats. In addition, it
supports ogg, aif, wv, ra, rm, vqf, mid, and voc encoded tunes. The free version
even shows you MP3 tags and allows previewing the tune before actually recovering
it, making it easier for you to decide whether or not a particular song is worth the
effort. The product includes newly invented PowerSearch technology that double-scans
the hard disk and guarantees the best possible outcome of the recovery process.

With simple iPod style interface, five-click guaranteed data recovery backed by the
new PowerSearch technology, DiskInternals Recovery for Ipod is the product to get to
protect and recover your iPod music collection!

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United States of America

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