Russian `Criminals` Confess Their Past and Look to the Future

Released on = July 24, 2007, 11:28 pm

Press Release Author = Harvest Fields Commissioning International

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Two self-confessed Russian "criminals" share their
life-changing testimony in a new 49-minute film "The Heart and Soul of Russia"
recently released by Harvest Fields Commissioning International.

Press Release Body = Russian "Criminals" Confess Their Past and Look to the Future

Vitalic started his criminal career as a teenager fuelled by alcohol. His tastes and
unsavoury career deepened and soon drugs were a part of his life along with new
found friends that urged him on. The young man's final descent was into forgery - a
far cry from his earlier start with breaking and entering.

Sergei ran afoul, not of the law at first, but of some Russian gangsters. Drugs and
alcohol abuse also helped to lead the youth on a path to destruction. After being
beaten up and left for dead a mysterious stranger carried him to his parents'
apartment, thus saving his life in the sub-freezing temperatures.

The paths of Vitalic and Sergei crossed when the counterfeiter was in a notorious
St. Petersburg, Russia prison. It was here that Sergei and friends shared their
faith with him there. Today Vitalic serves as an Assistant Pastor of Pastor Sergei
Timokhin's church - Christian City Church - St. Petersburg.

Sergei, after his conversion, or new birth as he describes it, wrote a Christian
musical with a friend (pre-perestroika). "The Trumpet Call" ended up on the BBC and
Voice of America radio networks. For this Sergei was imprisoned for two years in a
KGB prison which only ended through the intervention of Margaret Thatcher and
Mikhail Gorbachev.

These dramatic stories are featured in a newly released documentary "The Heart and
Soul of Russia". The 49 minutes film has been produced by Harvest Fields
Commissioning International and OLI Productions.

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