TuneSleeve - Quickly and easilly add album artwork to your iTunes Library

Released on = July 6, 2007, 11:47 am

Press Release Author = Polkapps

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = A quick and easy way to get album artwork into your iTunes

Press Release Body = TuneSleeve is a free utility that downloads album art from
Amazon for each album in your iTunes library (or in a specific playlist). You can
choose which image is the best among all the images returned, and if there is no
good match you can launch a search on Google Images in you browser then drag&drop
the desired image on the album in TuneSleeve.

Having complete album artwork in your iTunes library greatly enhances the experience
of using iTunes and/or an iPod or iPhone:

- In iTunes, Cover Flow displays all the album art in your music collection in one
easy-to-navigate interface that mimics a CD collection or jukebox selection.

- For whole albums, iTunes allows you to print the cover image with song listings.
For custom mix CDs, iTunes can create a mosaic of cover art.

- Your iPod will display the album artwork while a song is playing.

- Your iPhone will display the cd cover images in CoverFlow mode.

TuneSleeve Features:

- Works with albums, not individual songs.
- Allows you to choose what image you want among all possible results found on Amazon.
- Allows you to launch an external search in your browser and manually choose the
artwork you want by dragging it from your browser to TuneSleeve.
- Download images for your entire music library or a specific playlist.
- Ability to exclude songs purchases from the iTunes Store.
- Ability to exclude songs that already have artwork.
- Ability to replace the existing artwork with the downloaded one, or to add the
downloaded artwork to the existing one.

Contact: Pascal Bourque,
Product information:

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: 85 avenue du Mont Saint-Bruno, Sainte-Julie

Phone Number:

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