If the Goal is to Reach Full Potential in All Situations Then Becoming the Person the Goal belongs to is Necessary!

Released on = August 14, 2007, 4:45 pm

Press Release Author = Margo Knox

Industry = Human Resources

Press Release Summary = Many people in this day and age due to heavy work loads and
other commitments are experiencing a separation from their internal joy and love.
This inspiration is the core of who they are and without being in touch with this
experience many people have a feeling of alienation.

Press Release Body = The powerful information on this very subject at
http://www.margoknox.com will benefit many of those searching for answers to these
"The 7 Doors, Keys to Your Full Potential" is a blueprint that can take anyone to
this place of reconnection with and to their inner guidance and knowing. The 7 Doors
correspond to what are known as chakras, and are the energetic interactive
communication between you and the Universal Mind. This is your Source and the
natural communication that occurs constantly, all the time. You will become aware of
this and more when you decide to work with this model, Open The 7 Doors. Each Door
corresponds to a different aspect of your mind, and brings forth its own
manifestation that is unique to you because it has all your ideas and intentions and
beliefs. Starting with Door 1, The Purpose of Life, Your Personal Purpose and
Intention of Your Life, you can explore experientially, how your mind works and how
it can become your best friend, rather than how, in some cases our mind can be our
worst enemy.

It is the process that needs to be focused on not the outcome. Being only goal
focused can make a person be the trier rather than letting the creation of
themselves and the Universe work together to become the person the goal belongs to!

"The 7 Doors, Keys to Your Full Potential" is a practical book for your own
enlightenment of Mind
And is available at http://www.margoknox.com/products

Web Site = http://www.margoknox.com

Contact Details = 72 Vera Dr , Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450, Australia

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