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Released on = August 1, 2007, 3:10 pm

Press Release Author = indie-guides

Industry = Retail

Press Release Summary = A new on-line directory service that is championing the
cause of independent retailers has launched its first directory - for mobile phone

Press Release Body = A new on-line directory service that is championing the cause
of independent retailers has launched its first directory - for mobile phone shops.

The team behind indie-guides.co.uk says it aims to encourage consumers to buy from
independent, local suppliers rather than the big multiples.

Steve Wickens, Managing Director, says: "There is an upsurge in interest in buying
from local suppliers because this is recognised as being more sustainable. We
believe it makes good sense in every way.

"We chose to create our first directory for mobile phone retailers because they
typify the philosophy behind indie-guides. Independent stores are objective, have
local focus, and most importantly they care about your custom. And many of them
provide specialised services you can't find at major chains. For example, your local
mobile phone retailer may well offer a repair service, phone unlocking and car kit

indie-guides.co.uk works on the principle of a virtual network; every retailer that
joins helps to lever the indie-guides directory to the top of the online search
listings, improving visibility on the web for all members and, most importantly,
giving independents prominence when consumers search for retailers in a particular

Steve Wickens adds: "When it comes to buying a new mobile phone, there are hundreds
of independent retailers around the country, which offer far greater depth of
experience than the big multiples."

He points to a number of benefits of buying from a local, independent mobile phone
shop rather than a big multiple:
. local knowledge - ability to give valuable advice, taking into account local
factors such as network coverage
. specialist service - offering in-depth knowledge of the industry, such as
comparative billing analysis for business users
. objectivity - recognising your individual needs and offering a service that's
right for you
. personal attention - local retailers care about your custom; indeed, you often
deal with the owner or manager.

So what's next for indie-guides.co.uk? The company plans to develop indie-guides for
many categories of home and business needs. It aims to become the first port of call
for consumers who appreciate the value of buying from independents.

To check for an independent mobile phone retailer in your area, log onto

Web Site = http://www.indie-guides.co.uk

Contact Details = Managing Director Steve Wickens
Monument Industrial Park
OX44 7RW
Tel 01865 400948
Email info@indie-guides.co.uk

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