THE LATEST UN COVER-UP - Notorious UN Committee Lies about its `Zionism is Racism` Origins

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August 28, 2007

New York-The UN Committee scheduled to hold a virulently anti-Israel meeting on
European Parliament premises in Brussels August 30-31, 2007 has just released a
statement attempting to cover-up the date of its inception.

The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People
(CEIRPP) has recently come under unprecedented criticism for its extreme anti-Israel
activity. In response it has now declared that it "would like to state most
unequivocally that this Committee is not anti-Israeli, nor are its activities. It
was established by the General Assembly in 1974." The Committee was in fact not
created in 1974, but on the same day that the UN General Assembly declared Zionism a
form of racism, November 10, 1975.

"The CEIRPP is no stranger to controversy," EYEontheUN Editor Anne Bayefsky said.
"For the last thirty years, it has hosted events around the world, all of which have
a common theme: Palestinian 'resistance' and return is the solution to the
Arab-Israeli conflict. This is UN-speak for encouraging terrorism and the end of a
Jewish state.

"This is the same UN Committee notorious for prominently displaying a Mideast map-at
UN headquarters-without the state of Israel. The decades-long practice of displaying
the map was discontinued only after EYEontheUN disseminated a photograph of it."

Though the 1975 Zionism is Racism Resolution itself was eventually rescinded in
1991, the Committee, mandated to spread its message, lived on as the only UN body
devoted to the claims of a single people.

Other portions of the recent missive belie the Committee's innocence still further.
The release maintains the Committee was established ".with a mandate to promote.the
right of the Palestinians to return to their homes and property from which they had
been displaced and uprooted.The forthcoming Conference will provide.particular the role of elected representatives in advancing the cause of Middle
East peace in concert with civil society"-an obvious effort to promote Hamas-those
"elected representatives" dedicated to Israel's destruction.

Bayefsky warns, "The Brussels meeting is a brazen attempt by the UN to enlist the
support of the European Union in its anti-Israel agenda. It will offer yet another
opportunity to spread a dangerous historical revisionism and the violence such a
message is certain to spawn."

Participants scheduled to speak include the following:

. Christopher Doyle, Director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British
Understanding-who has pontificated that terrorism "a.k.a. 'resistance' was
inevitable" and boycotts and sanctions of Israel was a positive step. Doyle was
invited as the only NGO to speak at UN headquarters during the UN's 2005 November
29th session along with the Presidents of the Security Council and General Assembly.

. The coordinator of BADIL, a UN-accredited NGO-BADIL is best known for advocating
Zionism is racism, the end of a Jewish state and the glorification of terrorism.
Via its Web site literature, BADIL approves of "special the martyrs of
the intifada, whose sacrifice is paving the way to the ultimate victories of freedom
and return."

. The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee-They have ".express[ed] their full
support to the proposal of the largest British Association of University Teachers
(AUT) to boycott two Israeli universities.We wish to stress our respect and high
appreciation of this courageous and moral position, which signaled the globally
rejected racist and colonial policies of the State of Israel...analogous to the
practices of the old South Africa Apartheid regime."

"One can only marvel at the audacity of the Committee's statement, which declares
that allegations of an "anti-Israel" agenda are a "misunderstanding," Bayefsky said.


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EYEontheUN is the only independent UN accountability organization headquartered in
New York dedicated to making transparent the UN\'s record on its fundamental promise
- to identify, condemn, and protect against human rights violations and confront and
respond to threats to international peace and security. Bayefsky, Editor of
EYEontheUN, is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and Director of the Touro
Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust.
2007, Eye on the UN. All rights reserved.
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