The self-service revolution - new mobile campaign tools

Released on = August 21, 2007, 8:03 am

Press Release Author = txtNation

Industry = Telecommunications

Press Release Summary = The fifth version of txtNation's control panel (CP5) allows
marketers to quickly set up campaigns with ease and flexibility.

Press Release Body = The launch of txtNation's latest control panel revolutionises
mobile marketing by integrating a new self-service approach - dramatically cutting
budgets and making campaigns more manageable. Campaigns involving billing, mobile
messaging or content delivery are expensive. In the 21st century, self-service is a
significantly visible trend and the marketers' economic lifeline.

The fifth version of txtNation's control panel (CP5) allows marketers to quickly set
up campaigns with ease and flexibility. The entire infrastructure is set to go. Once
an account is activated, users have comprehensive access to all the messaging,
billing and content solutions used by outsourced campaigns.

There can be little room for trial and error when a campaign typically costs tens of
thousands. Re-launching is often not an option. From broadcasters to online
retailers, campaigns boost the brand and increase revenues, but hitting the winning
formula is not guaranteed. Mistakes are expensive.

With the advent of self-serviced campaigns, marketers are hands-on rather than
reliant on expensive third-party technology, consulting and on-going support.
Campaigns are brought under direct control, diminishing the reliance on external
factors and slashing lead times. The creative and technological aspects of the
campaign are put in harmony.

Launching a campaign in-house will seem daunting, but with the advent of tools seen
in the latest txtNation control panel, self-service campaigning has become
surprisingly accessible to marketers more used to external commissioning.

No one can be in doubt about the power of mobile campaigns. Many agencies and media
firms have specialised departments to help their clients enter this new and
lucrative advertising space. "Text us to find out more" has become standard
practice. SMS revenues are significant. Interactivity of the kind mobile brings has
become a major part of successful campaigns.

Bank statements, money off promotions, and product updates can all be sent by text
message. Mobiles phones are everywhere and companies can no longer afford to ignore
the potential of mobile marketing. Every SMS sent during your campaign is an
incremental reminder of your brand.

CP5 is a major update to txtNation's successful product line. With over 7000 clients
in the UK and internationally, txtNation is renowned for ease of use solutions
including alternative billing, mobile messaging, and content solutions. CP5 gives
greater and more immediate access to those solutions. Users don't have to worry
about going it alone. Full support is also provided, via a fully trained phone and
email support team.

This advanced solution is the first of its type to enter the market and incorporates
the most utilised features from txtNation's current billing platform and statistical
reporting tools, with the additional benefit of customer account management

Read more about CP5:

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