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Released on = August 8, 2007, 11:35 am

Press Release Author = Piper Studios Wedding Videography and Photography company was
established in 1960

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Piper Studios Wedding Videography and Photography company
was established in 1960. We incorporate candid, journalistic and artistic style of
movie editing, in compliance of your wedding video preferences. We use only
professional Digital Video cameras and editing equipment for bright, colourful and
artistic wedding video.

Our videographers are carefully selected for their unique talents and are matched to
our customers special requirements. Piper Studio\'s videographers are there to
capture your wedding as discreetly and candidly as possible.

At Piper Studios wedding video department we realize that your wedding is a once in
a lifetime event.

Press Release Body = Recommendations for your wedding in Toronto and GTA.
Your wedding photographer will provide a long lasting remembrance of one of the
happiest days of your life. Your photographer should deliver a complete selection of
photographs that tell the full story of your day. To help select your professional
photographer, keep these thoughts in mind:

Hire a professional; don\'t trust your wedding memories to a friend with a camera.

Reserve your photographer as early as possible. The best photographers tend to be
booked months - sometimes a year or more - in advance.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, your photographer is the key vendor
involved in your wedding day. Your photographer is your only vendor who is with you
from the beginning of the day all the way to the end. Since your wedding
photographer works from 20 to as many as 40 weddings per year, you should avail your
self of their expertise. Your photographer can provide you with hints and ideas to
relieve some of the stress and anxiety that are part of planning a wedding. Your
photographer can help you organize your time on the wedding day resulting in
photographs that show your happiness and the romance of the day - not the stress of
the day.

You need to inquire and get answers to a number of questions for your wedding in
Toronto area & GTA.
Since your photographer is important part of your wedding you should begin your
search as early as possible. Quality photographers are booked months, sometimes
years, in advance. Below are some criteria you should consider before you make your
final decision:

Do you use a professional medium format film or professional digital camera?

Do you have back-up equipment?

What kind of educational background and/or experience have you had in developing
your photographic technique?

Have you earned recognition for your wedding photography?

What is your philosophy about wedding photography?

Considering by facial features and physical attributes, which angles of my face
would you assume to be better?

Have you notices any expressions or mannerism of mine that you mighty want to
capture or avoid?

How much can I expect my photographic coverage to cost?

How many images will have to select from your wedding Toronto?

Can the coverage be customized to my specific needs?

How can my coverage be customized to fit my specific needs?

How long will it take to see our wedding images and how long will it take to
complete the finished album?

Is a complete set of photographic images included with the coverage?

Is black and white coverage and special effects available?

Who will design and layout our wedding album?

If the studio designs the album, can I make changes?

If I design and layout my album, how much assistance will the studio provide?

How long will it take to get our completed album?

Are the images of my wedding Toronto available in digital/electronic format?

Do pictures and albums have a guarantee?

How are orders, payments, and delivery of additional products and services handled?

What could we do special, just for my wedding?

What are your studio\'s policies?

Study Each Photographers Samples.
Each photographer\'s sample albums and photographs will speak for themselves. They
will give you a very good idea as to the photographer\'s artistry, talent,
creativity, style or styles of photography, and technical knowledge. Look for the
elegant, the artistic, the different, the unusual, and the creative. Look carefully
at the quality of their photographs and albums.

Your Personal Wedding Photographer should be someone with whom you feel comfortable
working with and in whom you have complete trust and confidence that they can and
will provide:

The quality of photography you want.

The style or styles of photography you want.

The artistry and creativity you want.

Competent assistance and advice when and if you want it.

Styles of Photography.
The photographic styles used to cover your wedding can vary from the very formal to
the very informal (journalistic). You have the option of selecting the specific
style or styles to be used in photographing your wedding. A word of warning: There
are many photographers who promote the \"journalistic\" approach to wedding
photography who do no more than take \"snapshots\".

Many photographers offer only one or two styles; whereas others offer you an
extensive repertoire of wedding photography styles from which to choose. Each of the
following styles involve a great deal of knowledge in blending the technical details
of lighting and equipment with creativity and photographic artistry:

How to select a wedding photographer in Toronto
When we're interviewing brides, we always ask the question \"What are you looking for
in a wedding photographer?\"

The most common answer - \"We don't know!\"

Wedding photography is a mystery to most couples, because for most people we talk
with, it's their first wedding. Sometimes mom's can give some insight, but for the
most part, wedding photography has changed dramatically (and for the better) since
the time this generation of parents were married. To badly paraphrase a now defunct
car company's commercial \"This is not your mothers wedding photography!\"

Choosing your photographer is one of the major choices in designing your wedding.
While good wedding photography is a major investment, is the only part of your
wedding budget that will continue to bring you enjoyment for the rest of your lives.
And while the end product is important, so is the process; the experience of being
photographed. No matter how good the photographs are, if all you remember when you
look at them is a photographer with no people skills, who thinks it is his or her
day, not yours, your investment is wasted.

So, how do you choose just the right wedding photographer for you? This document is
designed to give you some helpful information. Click on each of the categories below
to continue, or just scroll through the document.

There are five major considerations we like to recommend.
1. The level of service you desire

2. The professional qualifications of the photographer

3. The Photographic style

4. Your comfort level with the photographer

5. The investment in the memories of your wedding

In addition, we\'ve included a section on frequently asked questions
1. Should I have pictures before or after the ceremony?
2. What about negatives

3. How long do albums take

4. What if there is a problem

Level of service during your wedding Toronto
Just as with any other business, what you get from your wedding photographer can
vary widely; from the person who photographs your wedding, hands you the film, and
walks away from any responsibility for a quality job to the consummate professional
who makes sure every aspect of your photography experience is wonderful.

Your first consideration is to determine how important your wedding photos are to
you, and what your expectations are. If you just want a few photographs of some of
the important people who were there, that's one thing. But if you're looking for
someone who can capture the entire story of your wedding day with photographs that
still brings tears to your eyes years later, it's quite another. The priority you
place on your wedding day photography will have a major impact on your budget
The professional qualifications of the photographer
Anyone can purchase a camera, and call him or herself a wedding photographer. But
saying it doesn\'t necessarily make it so.

Wedding photography is a specialty; one that requires all the right equipment, the
right training, lots of experience, and a real love of photographing weddings.
Weddings are perhaps the hardest type of portrait photography there is, because the
photographer has to capture everything beautifully, in a short period of time, with
an artistic eye, and no chance to do it over again should anything go wrong.

Look for someone who specializes in wedding photography; someone whom you can
obviously tell from talking with them loves to photograph weddings. This doesn\'t
necessarily mean you shouldn't consider a \"weekend warrior\" - someone who works
another job during the week, and photographs weddings on weekends, but understand
that they will probably be in the lower end of the service range, because they don't
have the time to do much of the after wedding work.

Ask the photographer how many weddings they photograph in a year. If it\'s only a
few, then this may not be someone who really specializes in weddings and has the
equipment, knowledge, skill and presence of mind or \"cool\" to handle the
requirements of a wedding. If, on the other hand, they photograph a very large
number, they may emphasize quantity instead of quality.

Ask the photographer what type of training he or she has, and how often they attend
classes to keep their skills updated and fresh. A photographer who has been in the
business for 20 years, but doesn\'t attend continuing education classes may in fact
be \"stuck in the 70\'s\".

Insist on seeing an entire set of wedding photographs, not just an album that shows
the best print or two from each of a number of weddings. The only way you can fully
assess what you\'re likely to get is to see a whole wedding, or at least a very
substantial subset.

You can also judge a photographer by the presentation he or she makes. Look for
someone who obviously cares enough about photographing your wedding to give you a
well prepared, well thought out presentation of his or her work.

Look for someone who is a member of the professional organizations, like
Professional Photographers of Ontario, and Professional Photographers of Canada.
Members of these organizations have made a commitment to the highest standards of
business and professional ethics, and usually are participants in a program of
continuing education, which these organizations provide.
The Photographic style
Wedding photography today can be divided into 2 major categories - Traditional style
posed photos, and photojournalistic candids.

The traditional style tends to be mostly color, mostly posed (we like to use the
term \"structured\") and is typically planned out ahead of time. This certainly
doesn't mean they need to look posed, stiff or boring, but there is an element of
control on the part of the photographer.

These photographs are typically taken with care and attention to lighting,
backgrounds, and good poses. These are the photos that capture all the important
people who are sharing your wedding day with you - your family, your wedding party,
and perhaps some of those special friends.

Photojournalistic photos are typically black and white, completely non-posed, taken
without flash and without interference on the part of the photographer. In other
words, these photographs \"document\" the happenings of the wedding day as they
actually happened without controlling those happenings.

Some couples prefer one style to the other, but most couples we talk to are looking
for a combination of both. As one of our brides put it, \"The color photographs show
me what my wedding looked like, the black and white (photojournalistic) show me what
it felt like\".

Not all photographers are comfortable with both styles, so it's important that you
determine what appeals to you, and find someone who can provide your preferred style
or mix. Make sure you see an entire wedding, not just a few of the best prints from
a bunch of different weddings. Make sure you understand how they approach the whole
process of photographing a wedding, and that you are comfortable with the approach
as well as the finished product.
Your comfort level with the photographer
Beyond great photographs, your photographer should provide you with a great
experience. Remember, no one spends more time with you than does your photographer
on your wedding day. You might not ever see the cake decorator, or the florist. The
minister is only with you for a short time, the DJ is only at the reception, as is
the caterer, and even the wedding coordinator will be away from you for quite a bit
of the time. But the photographer, or photographic team, may be with you from the
beginning of your preparations until you leave on your honeymoon.

Consequently, it's vitally important that you pick someone with whom you are very
comfortable, someone you can establish a great working relationship.

The photographer can have a very positive impact on your wedding day, or a very
negative one, depending upon their personality and how it fits with yours. A
photographer who is bossy, or grouchy, or who forgets that this day belongs to you
can make your day miserable.

No matter how wonderful the photographs are, a bad photographic experience will
definitely lessen your enjoyment of them.

Look for someone you will enjoy having as a part of your day; someone who can
control the photographic process enough to do an outstanding job without being
overbearing; someone with the sensitivity to understand the different feelings you
may be experiencing, someone who can photograph you not only with his or her eyes,
but heart as well.

The investment in the memories of your wedding Toronto

Every couple has a budget, which is based on the priorities they place on each item
that will be a part of their wedding expense. Most of the items in this budget are
truly that; an expense. Something that is used and enjoyed only once, and then
they're gone. But the photographs of your wedding, and the album that tells the
story of the most exciting day of your life is something that can be enjoyed again
and again for the rest of your lives.

Your wedding photography is truly an investment; something which provides value over
a long period of time. Even when you're gone, your children will continue to
treasure them, as lasting remembrances of the love that ultimately brought them into
the world.

It's important for you to know and understand the importance you place on these
memories, and the heirlooms that keep them alive. Put this in the proper priority
next to all those other budget items. Remember, you only have ONE OPPORTUNITY to get
the photographs you\'ll treasure for a lifetime. The only thing worse than paying too
much is paying too little.

Good wedding photography isn't expensive; it's priceless!

Services Piper Studios Toronto Offers:

Piper Studios Toronto offers its clients a variety of services and special packages
in wedding photography, wedding videography, disc jockey services and wedding
invitations. Piper Studios has a fully equipped staff of professional wedding
photographers. Piper Studio professional wedding photographers make your wedding day
an unforgettable experience. We offer many services for weddings Toronto including
wedding photography, wedding video, wedding invitations, and DJ. We have been
serving the Toronto wedding community for over 46 years, and we are still going
strong. Weddings in Toronto is what we do. We take professional quality candid,
black and white, journalistic pictures. Including the grooms and brides house, park,
ceremony and reception. Weddings in Toronto. Piper Studios has frugal prices for
every budget. Specializing also in high end digital coffee book albums. get good
deals by booking Piper Studio for an economical budget priced services (wedding
photography, video, DJ and invitations)

Brides we talk with tell us that they had found the right dress, because when they
tried it on, it just felt right. As an educated consumer of wedding photography, you
may find the same thing. You'll know when you've found the right one, because it
just feels right. Their quality will be evident to you in their work and the way
they work with you. Piper Studios weddings in Toronto.
Should I have pictures before or after the ceremony?

The old tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding comes from the middle
ages, and the days of arranged marriages. By not seeing each other before you were
married, it was too late to back out!

Most couples initially consider observing this old tradition. But once they realize
that it's very difficult to have a magical moment from 150 feet away with several
hundred people watching, and when all you can think about is keeping your knees from
locking up, they change their mind. And we have a way of providing you with a \"when
he first sees me\" moment.
What about negatives?

This depends on the priority you place on photography. There are some couples that
have adopted a \"do it yourself\" philosophy, or might be on a very limited budget to
whom this might be attractive. This is kind of like a plumber bringing in all the
parts necessary to make a repair, but then simply giving them to you to finish the
job. The job may or may not ever get done, and even if it is, it might never be done
right. To finish the job is in fact why you are hiring a plumber in the first place.
And if the plumber completes the job, they have accountability for the results.

The same holds true for photography. Capturing the pictures is only part of the
process. What you are really hiring the photographer for is to capture the story of
your wedding day, and provide you with the finished products - wonderful memories
that will live forever.

Shooting the photographs and handing you the film will leave you with the
photographic equivalent of a bunch of plumbing parts. And by adopting this process,
the photographer is essentially walking away from the responsibility of the finished

And, if you think about it, the photographer's incentive to do an outstanding job is
that you may in fact purchase more photographs. Giving away the negatives provides
no incentive whatsoever to really create wonderful photographic memories.
How long do albums take?
If you are working with a photographer that provides you with a standard album, say
46-8x10s in an album, one choice of color etc, these can be stocked and take 5-6
weeks to complete.

If on the other hand, you are working with a photographer that provides you with a
custom designed album that really tells the story of your wedding in a combination
of photographs of varying sizes, styles and layout, it can take anywhere between 8
weeks and 4 or 5 months.

Make sure to talk to your photographer about what to expect, and be realistic in
your expectations. Remember it's not just the photographer, but also the labs, the
album companies and perhaps other who are involved in producing the final product.
What if there is a problem?
Do problems ever occur? OF COURSE! But what should you do in such a case?

First of all, be an aware consumer. Do your homework, and make sure you choose a
true professional who has every desire to do a good job for you. Follow the
guidelines discussed earlier, and develop a relationship with you photographer.

Second, make sure you have a written contract that spells out what is to be done,
for how much and in what manner. READ THE CONTRACT!!!!!! And understand it before
you sign it. We insist that each couple read it and ask any questions before they
sign it.

Third, if any kind of a problem occurs, and you've observed the first two, work WITH
your photographer to solve the situation. You'll find that most true professionals
will bend over backwards to take care of their customers, especially those who are
nice. Remember, most of the people in this business are in it because of a real love
of wedding and a real fondness for their customers.

If all else fails, contact the Professional Photographers of Ontario or the
Professional Photographers of Canada for their assistance in helping you resolve a
situation with one of their members.

Other Questions?

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Contact Details = Piper Studio\'s Wedding Center
238 Supertest Road,Toronto Ontario M3J 2M2
Tel: (416) 650-1178 Fax: (416) 650-0260

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