Gods Warriors and Battle Cry, a New Development Endangering the World - A Critical Analysis of the Origin and Solution

Released on: September 16, 2007, 8:19 pm

Press Release Author: John Paily / Grace New Age Research

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: The days of fear of collision of intellect of super powers
and destruction through nuclear holocaust are gone. Humankind is now endangered by
bigger fear by the Battle Cry of Gods warriors. The spiritual awakening under the
belt of multitude of religions is causing a huge threat to modern society as never
before. This combined with Global Warming, Climate Change; increased Natural
Catastrophes is making human life miserable and endangered. The cause for the
present situation is lack of knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature,
which is manifesting as instability and lack of direction to the human mind. The
instability, disorder and destruction is a product of time cycle that is trying to
initialize, stressing human consciousness and intelligence to awaken to the Truth of
interrelationship and oneness of nature. Only this Unified Knowledge will help
humanity survive 2012 and find peace and order

Press Release Body: Date 17/9/2007

The days of fear of collision of intellect of super powers and destruction through
nuclear holocaust are gone. Humankind is now endangered by bigger fear by the Battle
Cry of Gods warriors. The spiritual awakening under the belt of multitude of
religions is causing a huge threat to modern society as never before. Christiane
Amanpour of CNN through her six hour episodes on Christian warriors, Jewis warriors
and Muslim Warriors brought out this naked reality. This combined with Global
Warming, Climate Change; increased Natural Catastrophes is making human life
miserable and endangered. The CNN has fulfilled its journalistic role of bringing
the problem to the lime light for the intellectuals to think. But the question left
behind is what are the real cause and what is the solution. Many of these warriors,
by their half awakened spirituality are psyched for Mother of all Battles. With all
the fire power of matter behind them, the scenario emerging is deadlier than before
the era of super power and tensions of nuclear war.

Author could perceive the evolution of our world to the present day situation as he
was working as a researcher in biotechnology. He realized that humankind is inching
to self destruction because of the lack of interrelationship and oneness of nature
or the Truth of Nature. In a turning point of his life he chose to stay with his
consciousness and left the research world to seek Truth. He notes that only Truth
can save the world from the impending disaster and calls the attention of the world
to it. Modern world is the product our divisive approach to understand nature and
problems humanity faces. The author feels should come from the opposite. From two
decades of research author produces the fundamental design and principle on which
nature is constructed and is working perpetually. It not only accounts for the all
the developments in science and bring them together, but goes ahead to explain the
spiritual reality and has potential cause the unity of all religion thus defusing
the tension endangering humanity.

Though author is spiritual and New Born, he feels that blind or half bread
spirituality is dangerous. It is power full than atomic bombs, accurate and non
failing than the best of the missiles mankind has developed and it has additional
capacity of self programming and to breed its copies. With more and more people
turning spiritual and spirituality aiming the seat of power and judiciary, the
situation is turning to a point of triggering Mother of all Battles and
self-destruction. A half bread spiritual leader in the seat of power can create more
havoc than a half bread intellectual, [selfish /corrupt] person in the hierarchy.
Reasons are simple

1] Human existence is a struggle to know the Truth of his existence in Nature. There
are two paths. An intellectual is a person who seeks the Truth from the material
world and depends on what he sees from his senses. Undoubtedly it is inferior. He
perceives the disorder, disturbance and death as coming form the opposite thus sets
out to conquer and corrupt the opposite. He is driven by fear and his basic motive
is to protect life and have life. Thus he develops weapons primarily for self
protection, but his ignorant self manifest as conquering motive and corruption
leading to upsetting of the balance, creating disorder destruction. He breaks the
Mother of all Laws by his ignorance and calls upon himself death.

2] Spirituality is a second path that is opposite to intellect and materialistic
path. It is awakened by the disturbance, disorder created by the intellectual path
leading the whole to death. It is positive and emerges as resisting and balancing
factor. Human quest for spirituality is also is triggered by his quest to know
himself and nature. Spirituality is real, superior and is the foundation on which
nature exist. Science has proved that energy and mass are the same. Mass/matter is
simply encapsulated form of energy or spirit. What this means life and all organic
matter and material matter has its origin from one source, the Spirit or Energy.
However, today humanity is caught in the material vortex. The modern, money and
power oriented culture, lack of order and justice, the excessive competition has led
to a limit making individual and collective mind restless. Our media has an
important role in this. They feed the unreal into the young and growing, which when
faced with reality turns restless and disoriented, thus breeding increased violence
and destruction.

Mind when it is disoriented seeks some orientation. The revival of spirituality has
its root in this natural evolutionary trend or the instinct of the system to
survive. In fact the break down and disorientation of mind of humanity could be
traced to break down of foundation of science and defeat of Einstein in the battle
of Copenhagen. Since then our growth has no direction and control and has become
random and disoriented. The disoriented mind disturbs the flow of energy in living
system leading to the development of heat in the body, mind, soul and it inches to

The instability of the mind is contributed by the modern world at some it point
should lead to collapse. The survival instinct forces a turn around and takes
opposite direction. Such turnaround and fall occurs invariably under the banner of a
religion and the mind and intellect becomes submissive to it. Faith calls upon us to
submit our intellect to consciousness in order to find perceive and order through
the Higher Intellect. When a mind/intellect submits to this consciousness, it unites
with the Universal Consciousness that gives Life. This feeling is unique a person
one who stands on the other side of the river will never will be able understand it.
Since his transformation happens under the belt of one or the other religion his
mind and intellect now becomes subservient to religious force. The world divided on
many religions automatically Get Warriors to fight for their religion and enforce it
on others

We human seek God when we are disturbed and there is always an intent behind our
quest. In the famous Vedic teaching, the teacher teaches the student the art of
liberating mind to seek Truth. The teacher leads the student till the seventeenth
step but leaves the student to tap and open the last door. Every one who taps the
door and opens it utters "This is Not". It clearly tells us that every human fails
at the last door step, for all humans approaches the God with intent. The Vedic and
other ancient religious scriptures tell us that God Himself enacts from time to time
to lead Humanity in the right direction and perpetuate His Creation.

What most religious groups have failed to understand is that the Universal
Consciousness is only the feminine face, there is masculine face called Intelligence
or the Intellect of God, which Creates, give life and actually controls the whole
thing. The completeness of the spirituality and its initialization occurs only when
one transforms through the Intellect or intelligence of the Creator. Here the man
made barriers of religion breaks and all the darkness vanishes and light and pure
knowledge, the knowledge of interrelationship and oneness emerges.

This knowledge of the Divine cannot come to any one who approaches Truth through his
intellect and its five manifested senses. It also will it be opened to any one who
approaches it with intent. Author was a non-believer; he took to research with a
consciousness hoping to contribute something to humanity as he lives his life.
Confronted by a choice, his mind revolted than submitting his Consciousness and
bowing his intellect to darkness clothed in white. Author chose to sacrifice his
dream of an academic career, freed himself to be a small farmer living one with
nature. Here he pursued Truth without intent through his intellect. Truth was so
near yet so far. Eventually in a Golden moment author submitted, his intellect
unconditionally to the Higher Intellect or Intelligence Guiding Nature. In that
moment not only author experienced the Love of the Universal Consciousness, but was
shown the Simple Design and Principle working behind the complex world. This
revelation was also was accompanied by duty to be a warrior fighting for Light and
defending it. Not as a support of any religion but to break and cause its unity
before the inevitable Time Change happens. Author could perceive immense Love of the
Father the Creator in the simple revelation of interrelationship and oneness. The
realization of interrelationship and oneness is the only way out of the impending
danger of self destruction to which humanity is tending in the name of God.

The Divine Secret which the author also calls as the Quantum Secret is explored in
depth in his site

"Secret of Nature - The System Design" -
"Secret of Consciousness and Intelligence" -

The site speaks of the fundamental design and principle by which a quantum particle
exist, how they go to form various quantum systems [matter particle], how matter
particle shows creativity to form organic and inorganic compounds, how life is
formed from these particle, how human being is different from plant and animal
kingdom, how the qualitative diversity exist and so on. In fact it answerers all the
fundamental questions of science and spirituality and takes our understanding of
nature to higher level of unity and oneness. It gives a new plat form and
orientation to human mind. The new orientation is the opposite of what the divisive
approach that western civilization contributed to the world. It is kept as humble
challenge to the temples of Science and Religions.

Important conclusion that the site makes is that, time and its cycle is inevitable.
The time associated with the universal system collapses and initializes to go in
cyclic manner. [Quantum Wave Collapse]. We are going through a phase of such
collapse and initialization. This is very much predicted in most ancient knowledge
systems. [ Veda, Bible, Mayan culture]. Mayan's, who are time keepers of the world,
have predicted it to be 2012. This means, the years ahead could be highly
destructive if humanity does not awaken to the inter relationship and oneness.
Nothing can stop the collapse. The Bible truly compares it to pains of mother
bleeding in order to give Birth. The blood shed, the disturbed state of earth, sun,
solar system, the distant space, Global warming and increased natural catastrophes
Etc., are sure signs and a call to for humanity to awaken to the Truth of Nature and
its Oneness

This press release is released with the best interest of bringing awareness of
interrelationship and oneness of nature to cause awakening of human consciousness
and intelligence such that awakened individual and the society takes guard of his
abode. The media is humbly requested to take the matter to the world for evaluation.

Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/consciousness123/index.htm

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