Military Veterans Collect Toys For Maimed Iraqi Children

Released on: September 4, 2007, 12:04 pm

Press Release Author: Veteran Organ Donors International

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: New \"Writing Wrongs\" Pen-Pal program aims to bury hatred and
heal trauma of war

Press Release Body: Today VODI Chairman Bruce A. Gorcyca announced that his
volunteer group of veterans is not only ready, willing, and able to help Iraqi
children obtain organ transplants, but they have also collected over 500 dolls and
500 soccer balls in an effort to create some overseas friendship and goodwill with
American and Canadian military veterans in a new pen-pal program. The new \"Writing
Wrongs\" program is designed to create an open dialogue between those who saw the
horrors of war first-hand on both sides of the fence. \"We hope that by corresponding
with these maimed children, we might be able to ease their suffering, and dull some
of the hatred, contempt, and mistrust they harbor towards the West.\" explained
Gorcyca. \"Kids are not the least bit interested in politics, and U.S. foreign
policy has robbed them of their innocence and childhoods, not to mention their
health, family members, and for many their limbs.\" he added.

Any American who wants to make amends with the children of Iraq should contact us at and VODI will donate either a soccer ball or a doll on their behalf to
a child in Iraq provided the the American sponsor agrees to write at least one
letter a month to their new pen pal, and in their own way apologize for disrupting
the life of an innocent child.

\"This is not about politics. This is about healing and closure for young innocent
children who have been traumatized by the horrors of war\" added Gorcyca. VODI\'s
main objective still remains in the arena of organ transplants, but we acknowledge
that easing the pain of children can happen via many less drastic channels. We urge
the public to respond with open hearts and invest nothing but a few minutes of your
time each month in writing a sincere letter to a new friend 8,000 miles away in
war-torn Iraq.

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Contact Details: Veteran Organ Donors International
117 Lakeshore Road East - Suite 339
Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (905) 891-1981

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