Released on: September 14, 2007, 4:18 am

Press Release Author: Valera Pinkard, PR Director

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Ron J. Brown's Debut CD "Godality- Live & Prophetic" is
Uplifting, Encouraging, Compelling, Life Changing and Inspiring!

This CD project contains 14 Tracks of Urban Gospel Artist Ron J. Brown's original
and God inspired songs written by Brown, a former GO-GO musician and former R&B Solo
Vocalist and performer.

At one time Ron J. Brown knew nothing but the hard reality of the sinful streets and
night life of Washington, D.C., Norfolk, VA and Brooklyn, New York- but now, "By The
Grace & Mercies of God", and by "Faith" and through "Adversity", Ron J. Brown has
come to know "Jesus Christ!"

Press Release Body: Fredericksburg, VA September 13, 2007- Washington, D.C. native
Ron J. Brown is celebrating the release of his debut gospel CD project called
"Godality- Live & Prophetic", which features some of Ron's original songs such as;
"He Gave Me Life", \"Father When\", "Give Him The Praise" and Spirit Come Fall On Me\",
with their soul, R & B, and contemporary flavor, this CD project provokes
deliverance & healing and is uplifting, soul stirring and penetrating.
\"Godality- Live & Prophetic\" is an independent project of prophetic and apostolic
proportions. This CD was written, produced and ministered by Ron J. Brown of Ron J.
Brown Ministries. Ron J. Brown\'s debut CD \"Godality- Live & Prophetic\", contains
fourteen (14) tracks of Brown\'s original; Praise, worship, deliverance and healing
songs that are God inspired and ministered under the anointing and unctioning of the
Holy Spirit of God and it is being received by gospel listeners throughout the
United States.

Ron is a former Go-Go Band bass guitarist and R&B- solo songwriter/ vocalist &
performer, that crossed over into Christianity, making a total surrender to the Lord
and conversion after years of growing up on the hard streets of Washington, D.C.
that ultimately lead to struggles and tremendous battles with drug addiction and
identity! But! Through God\'s \"Grace & Mercy\" and much needed personal change,
deliverance, healing and development, Ron was given what many, who have and still
are facing battles in the journey toward \"Destiny\" are given, and that is \"Another
Chance\" and he grabbed a hold of it and made the transition from a \"worldly & Satan
bound\" secular artist/ drug addict, to be shaped, molded and developed by the Holy
Spirit of God- today to become \"A Christian Minister and Urban Gospel Artist/
Songwriter/ Producer!\"

Some of Ron J. Brown\'s gospel and secular music influences are: Dr. Marvin Sapp,
Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winan, Micah Stampley, J. Moss, legendary
gospel artist- Andrea Crouch, and R&B artist- Usher Raymond. Of course, with his
different types of musical background and influences, Ron J. Brown has a style that
is diversified and has found favor with: Contemporary Christian, Urban Gospel,
Go-Go, and Christian R&B audiences of all ages and ethnicities, allotting him much
opportunity to capture the attention of the hearts, spirit and soul of people that
are open to receive something life changing from the Lord!

Ron J. Brown says that he is a person who has had such a profound experience in life
due to physical sickness which stemmed from a defect in his heart, depression and
drug addiction, and he didn\'t think that he would ever be free, let alone \"saved\"
from the hell that he lived in for years but! \"God\", saved him and today Minister &
Urban Gospel Artist Ron J. Brown is being used by God to challenge many to be better
people and greater believers and he presses on to be used to encourage people to
hang in there because \"help is on the way!\" Those that have already started
purchasing the CD, most of which are people that are struggling with sickness, etc;
have sent back praise reports that the CD is a tremendous blessing to them, as well
as a powerful point of contact that agrees with them for their healing to take place
in their lives! CD project provokes deliverance & healing and is uplifting, soul
stirring and penetrating.

Ron J. Brown\'s debut CD \"Godality- Live & Prophetic\" is available online at:
http://cdbaby.com/cd/ronjbrown and through Ron J. Brown Ministries, just by calling
(540) 623-7182 or by sending an email request for the CD- \"Godality- Live &
Prophetic\" at: godalitycd@hotmail.com .
Visit http://www.myspace.com/ronjbrown to view Urban Gospel Artist Ron J. Brown\'s
webpage, and visit http://music.blackplanet.com/ronjbrown to view one of Ron's music
profile pages.

The \"Godality- Live & Prophetic\" CD reflects happiness, thanks, adoration and praise
to the Lord and takes it\'s listeners into another level and realm of praise and
leads us right into the very presence of the God, as this minister of the gospel
ushers in a move of the Spirit of God. Through this anointed gospel CD \"Godality\"
minister, songwriter, producer Ron J. Brown, under the anointing of God helps
listeners to be mindful of being and remaining repentant before God!

\"As Ron Brown\'s Spiritual Father, I a proud of what the Lord, has done and is still
doing in his life that will tremendously impact many within and throughout the body
of Christ! We at Rock Church International always knew that Ron was going to be
effectively used by the Spirit of the Lord in an awesome way.\" - Bishop John

Ron J. Brown Ministries has made a list of "Web Links" where you can see Urban
Gospel Artist Ron J. Brown's: Music Profiles, Biography, Photo Galleries, Blogs,
Bulletins, and more.

. www.myspace.com/ronjbrown
. www.blackplanet.com/ron_j_brown
. http://music.blackplanet.com/ronjbrown
. http://cdbaby.com/cd/ronjbrown
. www.getyochurchon.com/ronjbrown
. www.vois.com/ronjbrown
. www.groupietunes.com/artists/RonJBrown
. www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/2019098
. www.shoutlife.com/ronjbrown
. http://payplay.fm/ronjbrown
. http://www.soundclick.com/ronjbrown
. www.ronjbrown.faithweb.com (Main Website)


Web Site: http://www.ronjbrown.faithweb.com

Contact Details: For further information, contact:

Ron J. Brown at [540] 623-7182
Valera Pinkard, PR Director at: [540] 972-3195
Ron J. Brown Ministries
www.myspace.com/ronjbrown (Profile Webpage)
www.ronjbrown.faithweb.com (Ministry Website)
E-mail: bookingrjbrown@hotmail.com

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