Want to Record Internet Radio Get thousands of sounds every few hours Record your favorite Shoutcast Radio or TV show Record Lastfm, iTunes radio, or Podcasts Then try StationRipper!

Released on = September 3, 2007, 7:49 am

Press Release Author = Ratajik Software

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Record Internet Radio - Shoutcast, Last.fm, and Podcasts

Press Release Body = Celebrating 4 years as the best Internet Radio Ripper,
StationRipper V2.84 has been released with a lot new great features.

Since the beginning, StationRipper has been letting users record the best Internet
Radio streams. It\'ll record each song, create a single MP3 for it, name it with the
song and band name, and download album art. It\'s a 100% unhindered MP3 file - you
can do what you like with it - listen to it with your favorite windows player, put
it on your MP3 player, or sync to iTunes and download to your iPod.
You can record up to 600 simultaneous streams - and just recording a few of them,
StationRipper can download thousands of

songs a day for you listen to you, when you want and where you want.

A lot of people have wanted to record Last.fm - so this year we\'ve added Last.fm
recording to StationRipper. You can download your favorite Last.fm songs - and now
you can download any number of Last.fm stations at the same time!

Since the start, we\'ve also helped our users find new songs via a embedded web page
- but with the introduction of StationPortal.com, we provide you with the most
powerful, up to date monitor of what\'s playing on the Internet. We track what radio
stations play, which lets us let you know when a song is playing, what every station
is playing now, and what they have played in the last few weeks. We\'ll even let you
search for songs and bands you like - if a Station played it once, they\'ll play it
again - and you can record it!

Check out the 100% free version today!

Web Site = http://www.stationripper.com/

Contact Details = Address: 817 Rollingwood Trail, Columbia
United States of America

Phone Number:
Email: shareware@ratajik.com

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