2008 SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST scheduled for publication in January

Released on: October 19, 2007, 10:32 am

Press Release Author: Ben Campbell

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Index to \"contact information\" for billionaires scheduled
for publication on computer diskette. Makes communication with swiss billionaires

Press Release Body: The 2008 SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST, which is scheduled for
publication and release in January 2008, will index over 200 swiss billionaires.
Considered, by industry insiders, as \"one of the most resourceful collections of
information\" the SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST not only lists the names of swiss
billionaires, but, gives you their corporate names, mailing addresses, telephone
numbers, and their fax numbers, too. (All the information anyone would need to
communicate with swiss billionaires.)
Even though most americans \"cannot name a swiss billionaire\" the SWISS
BILLIONAIRES LIST can make users knowledgeable of who actually owns most of
Switzerland. With the use of the SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST you\'ll know who swiss
billionaires are and be able to contact and communicate with them.
The SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST is recorded on a standard-sized computer diskette for
permanent use by owners of the product on their desktop computer.
Presently the 2007 Edition of the SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST (175 swiss
billionaires)is available to the general public at these websites:

Web Site: http://www.billionaires.00cash.com

Contact Details: Ben Campbell
Email: billionaires@email.com

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