A British fantasy novel writer backs the web as the best place to release his book

Released on: October 14, 2007, 3:14 pm

Press Release Author: Amerland Enterprises Ltd

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: A British fantasy fiction author bets on the power of the web
to prove that the publishing industry works against writers, writing and readers.

Press Release Body: London, England, October 2007 - Fantasy fiction authors are
normally too well grounded in reality to believe they can really get very far
without the backing of one of the publishing giants, yet this is exactly what the
author of The Shade, a fantasy fiction novel that's picking up readers and fans, is
betting against.

Thomas Hunt has repeatedly refused to give interviews, be photographed or even issue
press releases (which makes this one a departure from character). Reclusive and
retiring he nonetheless bets on the power of the web to beat the publishing industry
which he has publicly condemned as recidivist, entrenched and arcane in its

"By the time you have done the rounds and your book has been rejected a dozen times
by editors who really are too worried about the next step in their careers to
actually assess a book and work to get it to market the average author has began to
lose all faith in himself and interest in his work," says Thoma Hunt, a published
writer who almost gave up on his book despite the many glowing reports he had had
from publishing house readers.

"What made me believe again was the fact that a friend read it not knowing it was
mine and asked if the author had yet written the next one."

That single reference made Thomas Hunt decide to publish his book himself paying for
its editing and book cover design and publishing it as an eBook and a
print-on-demand book through his website: www.fantasynovel.co.uk

"I got some expert help from an SEO website which taught me the basics of what I
need to do and I am eager to see how far we go."

With orders from as far away as Australia and New Zealand the author thinks he might
have just hit gold. "Print on demand books are more expensive than paperbacks so I
simply reduced my royalty to next to nothing to bring the price down to that of a
normal paperback. If it works and becomes a best seller the gamble will have paid
off, if it doesn't I will be no worse off than before."

Notes to Editors: The Shade is a book about redemption apparently inspired by an
Arthur Hugh Clough poem. It takes place in a parallel universe where there is great
peril as some Adversary threatens every known universe, not just the one where the
protagonist resides. The author has taken the unusual step of creating blogs for
each of the main characters on the book's website where their past, their thoughts
and their actions before the tale appear and help explain some of the book's

The website is at www.fantasynovel.co.uk and the owner can be contacted at

Web Site: http://www.fantasynovel.co.uk

Contact Details: 118 Gatley Road

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