Cars 4 Causes(r) races by $20 million in car donations

Released on: October 6, 2007, 2:20 pm

Press Release Author: Cars 4 Causes(r)

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Cars 4 Causes tallies up the distributions from its car
donations and discovers it has passed $20 million from donated cars on to charities,
most of it distributed over the past five years. This latest achievement solidifies
the charity's position at the top of non-profit car donation companies.

Press Release Body: California, October 6, 2007 -- Cars 4 Causes, "The Charity that
Gives to Charities", announced this week that it has surpassed the $20 million
mark in funds passed on from vehicle donations to charities.
"When we tallied up the donations and saw that they were topping $20 million, we
were thrilled," says Pat Jessup, Cars 4 Causes executive director. "We work every
day helping people donating cars on the one hand and moving the proceeds on to
charities on the other. How astounding it is to find out that we have passed $20
million on to benefit other charities!"
It's an exciting milestone on the road of charity car donations for the 501(c)[3]
corporation. Though the charity is known nationwide for its work, this latest
achievement puts it in the top spot of a car donation non-profit serving other
Cars 4 Causes began its work in the charity car donation arena back in 1997, moving
fewer than 30 cars a month. It opened its doors with a simple goal: to turn the
proceeds from donated cars into funds to benefit charity. It began by funding youth
education, but it quickly expanded its reach. Today, Cars 4 Causes has given to
over 11,000 qualified charities, most of them donor-requested.
The number of its charity car donations has expanded too. The non-profit corporation
currently moves about 1,500 vehicle donations per month. About 500 of those pass
smog requirements and are sold as affordable transportation. Some are recycled off
the roads, some go to wholesale auctioneers, and many classic or luxury cars are
sold to the highest bidders on eBay worldwide.
"We know we've been doing the right thing," says Jessup, "because we're busy and we
have a file drawer full of testimonials. And that's really why this $20 million mark
is so gratifying."
"All of the company's expansions have been donor-driven", Jessup adds. For example,
Cars 4 Causes launched its Car Give-Away program when a donor requested the
charity's help in giving a car to a needy family in his church. Now, charities can
apply for car donations for individuals in need. And, over the last 5 years, Cars 4
Causes has given almost $1 million worth of cars to people in need.
The non-profit firm's Clean Air Program was set up to take care of unusable cars
that people wanted to donate. Through the program, Cars 4 Causes recycles cars that
are uneconomical to repair, cannot meet smog requirements, or just cannot be
upgraded into affordable transportation. These are taken off the road, removing
their pollution potential (hence, the Clean Air moniker). Jessup estimates that Cars
4 Causes has saved the State of California approximately $10 million over the last
five years and at the same time passed proceeds on to charity organizations ―
all by taking cars off the road that the state would have paid a bounty to remove
"Car donations can make a tremendous difference in a person's life," says Jessup.
She's found in her work with vehicle donations (including truck donations
motorcycles, boats and RVs) that donors are typically aware of potential tax
deduction benefits from a donation, but that they don't always know what a
difference they are making in the lives of individuals in need.
Cars 4 Causes sees the effect these vehicle donations can have. It has also become
a one-stop shop for car donors. Its experts walk donors quickly and easily through
the paperwork and process of giving a car to benefit their charity of choice.
"Our work has won Cars 4 Causes a warm place in the hearts of many people in the
charitable giving community," Jessup says. "Charities love receiving that Cars 4
Causes envelope with a check inside due to our generous donors. And donors love how
easy we make it to donate."
Her final thought about car donations and the Cars 4 Causes $20 million milestone?
"The road we've traveled to here is just the beginning," she says. "We have a lot of
work ahead of us and some new programs we hope to be announcing in the near future,

Cars 4 Causes, \"The Charity That Gives To Charities\" is a non-profit, IRS Code
501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. We help people turn used vehicles into tax-deductible
charity donations. Cars 4 Causes has been a trusted avenue for charity funding
since 1997. Proceeds from tax-deductible donations of vehicles go to qualifying

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805-477-7617, Fax: 805-477-7637

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