The Intellecta marketing blog launches a series of articles by Larry Hochman

Released on: October 25, 2007, 2:48 am

Press Release Author: Intellecta Srl PR Office

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: - Innovative marketing blog,
which targets marketing specialist from around the world and challenges their views
on the future of marketing, is launching a series of articles by Larry Hochman.

Press Release Body: The Intellecta Innovative marketing blog
( is targeting established marketing specialists who are
in the process of transition from a traditional only to a more balanced traditional
and new media mix is launching a series of articles by the world renowned business
futurist Larry Hochman.

Larry Hochman is one of Europe\'s best known and most sought after speakers on
change. He is a globally recognized expert on the future trends of customer service,
values, people and culture. He was named European Business Speaker of the Year in

"What we are trying to do with these series of articles by Larry Hochman is to
present in detail his innovative views on Marketing Innovation, Customer Service,
Outsourcing, and attracting and managing Talent" - says Christina Vlahova, founder
of Intellecta Srl. "We created this blog as a resource where people can exchange
opinions and this is the place where ideally you would take time away from you busy
marketing schedule and come for fresh ideas and a different point of view. And now
with the views of a globally recognized expert such as Larry Hochman - we are in an
even better position to inspire marketers around the world and stimulate the
dialogue on marketing innovation."

Acknowledging the fact that sometimes due to lack of time marketers tend to stay
with the more traditional and known marketing techniques, the Intellecta Srl blog
aims to facilitate them in becoming their day-to-day resource which requires less
time to be invested in acquiring new ideas. The goal of the experts providing
content in the blog is to offer fresh ideas on the use of new media, applying the
most successful strategies from the traditional marketing.

"It simply is impossible to lead successfully unless there is clarity about what it
is you are trying to inspire people to accomplish. This is more important than ever
before owing to the multiplicity of issues competing for our attention in today's
world." - says Larry Hochman and then he adds - "The world of commerce is now (to a
degree once thought unimaginable): mobile, global, temporary, outsourced and
off-shored. All of these trends will only become more significant in the months and
years ahead."

To read the full articles by Larry Hochman, visit the Intellecta Innovative
marketing blog at:

Larry Hochman spent 10 years in Senior Management roles with British Airways and the
loyalty management company, Air Miles, in both New York and London. His roles
included Director of Customer Service and separately, Director of People and Culture
- he being the first person in Britain to hold this title. He is a globally
recognised expert on: Ethics, Values, Customer Service, People and Culture.
Alongside his numerous speaking engagements all over the world, Larry, who pioneered
corporate mentoring work in the U.K. at Air Miles, is personal mentor to several
Chief Executives.

Intellecta Srl ( was created in June 2004 in Rome, Italy.
Positioned as a Strategic Marketing Consultancy, it offers innovative marketing
strategies, specifically working with small businesses.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 00359888 30-81-80

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