V-Lane Traffic Launches New Elite Home Business Offering Technology To Massively Increase Alexa Rankings


Released on: October 23, 2007, 12:28 pm

Press Release Author: The Pinnacle group

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: A unique opportunity where individuals and/or corporations alike can massively increase web traffic & Alexa rankings, while at the same time earn a passive daily income.

Press Release Body: MC Inc. (MARVCorp Inc.), an incorporated daughter company of GMS Foundation, designed to and geared toward becoming nothing but one of the biggest media advertising platforms existing on the World Wide Web - via their newest addition: MrsVIP / V-Lane Traffic; which can be viewed at CashPaidToView.com. VIP = Virtual Income Portal.

MrsVIP / V-Lane Traffic is a full service media and advertising agency, specializing in the professional analyses and planning of highly successful, customized on line and off line marketing strategies, tailored to its clients individual needs.

“Savvy business owners worldwide, who utilizes online advertising in addition to traditional advertising campaigns are, or should be, well aware of is the fact, that their online marketing success rises and falls depending on the Alexa ranking of their business web site,” states Chad Hershey, independent marketing executive with MrsVIP, “Exposure is the key and that is what V-Lane traffic is all about.”

Mr. Hershey continues, “Members of MrsVIP not only have the opportunity to raise their website’s Alexa rating but also the opportunity become a ‘limited partner’ by making a contribution / provision of funds which will be allocated solely to the growth of MrsVIP. These contributions / provision of funds will be used exclusively to build and expand projects of MrsVIP. Limited partners will earn a rebate on their contribution, which will result in a passive daily income.”

More information can be found here: http://www.CashPaidToView.com

Chad William Hershey of http://www.ChadHersheysBlog.com is founder of his own home based business, The Pinnacle Group. He is a student and mentor of the Universal Law of Attraction, as seen in The Secret, and believes fully in The Master Key System. Chad shares his passion and knowledge of being in the home based business arena for the last 15 years and enjoys helping others succeed with Internet marketing. Chad’s business website is http://www.ManifestYourFortune.com

Web Site: http://www.CashPaidToView.com

Contact Details: Chad Hershey
The Pinnacle Group
c/o 1052 N Mill St


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