BHIP GLOBAL Inc. ENERGY BLEND (Dietary Supplement) Add Serving to 8oz. Water


Released on: November 10, 2007, 3:56 am


Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Nate Perkins Enterprises, LLC., signed with the #1 world BHIP GLOBAL Inc. ENERGY BLEND company to bring to market and sign-up home base business distributors around the Globe

Press Release Body: ATLANTA, GA – NOV 10, 2007-- BHIP Global Inc., Dallas, Texas, Company is poised to be the premier company in the world of Relationship Marketing.

Update: All individuals across Canada, United States, and Puerto Rico who secured a FREE position during the bHIP Pre-Launch Campaign have until Sunday, November 11th at 11:59 PM EST to activate their store.

The 'buzz' of the industry is bHIP ENERGY DRINK! A NEW BREED OF ENERGY! Our Try It! | Feel It! | Share It! viral marketing campaign is both powerful and effective. Those who purchase 20 boxes of bHIP receive full 30% wholesale pricing PLUS become instantly qualified as a Global Leader - FOR LIFE! Global Leader Package Benefits - Click Here!

Some of you have taken action have seen what we see...a business that is prime for the time...a product that sells itself...a market so wide everyone is a candidate.

Congratulations! on your decision to move forward with bHIP and I look forward to building large with you long term, all over the's not so much who you know, rather who they know

Come Sunday night the 11th at midnight, those who don't pay to stay will be purged out of the system...gone forever...and you very well might look back a year from now at a company that could easily be breaking growth records and still just getting started...and be saying to yourself "if only" or "what if"?

All for the sake of either not being willing, or taking the time, to look..or not being willing to lay down an investment into your future HEALTH plan!

Log into you members area and look at your downlines...go to your new website and see the improvements.

I know where this company is headed...I wish I could share some things that are still confidential and that haven't been introduced yet, but I cannot at this time!

But for the sake of securing your positions for less than $50, and ordering a month's sample of the product for less than $35 to see why we're all so excited...who wouldn't do that?

Activating your position so it doesn't get purged out on Sunday, and so you don't go bye bye forever, is on this link for step by step instructions:

For those that stay you can count on BHIP Global and your team for support and assistance...I've seen a few companies in my career but none that have their act so together at this stage of the game...I had my product in three days...get on a call you will see what I mean by their professionalism. YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUESTED! Be part of the moment by joining us on our LIVE Calls and Webinars: To participate in any of our conference calls, 218.486.1400 Access Code: 2447 (bHIP) Global Opportunity Call 8 PM Eastern / 7 PM Central / 5 PM Pacific

bHIP Global Expansion Leader: Nate Perkins Enterprises: (770)331-4002, Centennial Olympic Park Drive, Atlanta, GA. USA

Web Site:

Contact Details: Nate Perkins Enterprises
bHIP Global Expansion Leader
285 Centennial Olympic Park Drive
Atlanta, GA. USA 30313
(770) 331-4002


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