Christian Living for `Dummies` 101 - JG Langston - Releases, `Okay, I`m Saved, Now What`

Released on: December 12, 2007, 12:50 pm

Press Release Author: Pastor James Langston / Pilgrim Outreach Ministries

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: A "handbook" of instructions for living a healthy and happy
Christian life. When the "How to Live a Christian life" is explained, (Jesus is the
Way, The Cross is the means), this opens doors for us of infinite promises and
blessings from the Lord.

Press Release Body: Since first writing GrandMamma's Prayers more than five years
ago, Pastor JG Langston has learned much about practical "Christian Living." "It
seems there are so many pieces to the puzzle of Christian living, that many
Christians find it easier and simpler to try and fit in, rather than risk being
labeled different," Langston said.

"A simple conversation with a friend opened my eyes to the confusion many Christians
are facing regarding the fundamental concepts of Christianity," says Langston.
"Although I've dealt with this in my teaching, preaching and advice to others, I had
yet to do so in the printed media. Yet, this pattern of wondering so concerned me
that I felt compelled to write what I term, "The Introductory Handbook to Practical
Christian Living."

In his book, Langston not only addresses the areas of, "Prayer," "Bible Study,"
"Church Attendance," "Alcohol, Is Moderation Okay?" and "What is Adultery, What is
Fornication?" but other areas that have seemingly caused many Christians to run
aground or be stuck in.

When Langston penned his first book, he was serving as a commissioned officer in the
navy and just learning how to write professionally. He has since dialoged more
extensively with editors and established authors to learn how to better construct a
story and develop a dialogue that is more natural. He also consulted with other
friends and pastors in Italy to give a sanity check to his latest book.

"I've grown as a writer and a person since the first drafting of GrandMamma's
Prayers. This has definitely "flavored" and "matured" my writing style. You can
never learn too much when it comes down to your craft. You can only better yourself
with further education and perseverance," Langston said.

In addition to Okay, I'm Saved, Now What? Langston is the author of:

GrandMamma's Prayers, 2002, 2004 (first revision)
The Building of a Church, 2005
Out of the Ashes, 2006

For more information go to JG Langston's website at

Web Site:

Contact Details: PSC 813 Box R491
FPO AE 09620
Phone: 011 39 3497511244
Fax: 1 888 276 1429

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