Crime Safety Advocate Starts Crime Safety 365 Blog

Released on: December 21, 2007, 4:11 am

Press Release Author: Jean Axelrod

Industry: Law

Press Release Summary: Crime Safety Blog readers can keep up with the latest
warnings and crime safety prevention tips and topics like preventing juvenile
crime,information about crime and punishment resulting from criminal activities.

Press Release Body: Phoenix, AZ,Dec 21,2007-- Crime Safety and prevention advocate,
Jean Axelrod, has partnered with Neekam company to create the Crime Safety 365 Blog.
This blog will act as a source of information and networking for learning how to
avoid the classic crimes committed around us every day, as well as more specific
topics such as preventing your home or place of refuge from becoming a crime scene.

Jeans says, "Many of the crimes around us that are committed without remorse are
totally preventable with neighbor involvement and simple observation practices.
Paying attention to your surroundings and becoming passionate about stopping crime
in your area can lead to a snowball effect when you garner the interest of like
minded individuals, and this blog exists to create a virtual community with that
common interest of promoting crime safety."

This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding how to prevent crime stemming
from juvenile crime, computer crimes, and other elements of crime that are
commonplace in our everyday lives.

\"Right now, some public schools are implementing a plan that would involve scanning
government issued ID's to gain access to school facilities. The reason behind this
is to allow for flagging and scanning of possible sex offenders who may be gaining
access to campuses with underage students. This will hopefully start a trend in
which children are free from predatory crime within their own schools, enhancing the
standard of crime safety at public schools nationwide."

According to Jean Axelrod, the Blog also stresses how
important it will be to carry over this caution to areas the children are in outside
of school, "The responsibility will still lie with parents and students to educate
themselves on how to avoid predatory crime outside of school grounds, and the system
should not create a false sense of security.\"

News about crime safety and prevention is exciting these days. Accountability is
necessary on a granular level in order for safe communities to be ensured. This
means that individuals should be doing their part to alert others to suspicious
activities and watch over their neighbors.

The Crime Safety 365 Blog helps interested people increase their awareness of things
we might not consider that are threatening us on a daily basis. These things may
include computer crimes as well as juvenile crime.

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Neekam Inc
830 N 1st Ave.
Phoenix, Az. 85003

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