Even Santa Can Find Comfort in New SANYO Massage Chair

Released on: December 4, 2007, 10:31 am

Press Release Author: Beverly Steinberg/ GBL Public Relations

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: The Hectic Pace of the Holiday Season Can Lead To Back
Problems for Santa Claus and Others

Press Release Body: The holiday season is about family gatherings, creating the need
for sprucing up the home, cooking elaborate meals, and rushing to find the perfect
gift. All of this can add up to further stress in an already hectic life. Also,
holiday tasks like shoveling snow and carrying heavy packages in the cold winter
weather can lead to leg, back and neck muscle strains.

"There's a definite correlation between stress and tight muscles," said Richard
Miller, Vice President of SANYO Home Appliances. "Massage is a well-known method for
relieving tension and muscle stiffness." However, with busy schedules this time of
year, how can anyone find time to fit in a massage appointment?

"We recommend a SANYO massage chair to anyone who feels as worn out and tired as
Santa this time of year. You can enjoy a personalized massage in the comfort of
your own home at any time," said Miller. SANYO's newest massage chair, model
HEC-DR7700K features revolutionary zero-gravity position to place the body into a
neutral position that places the least amount of stress on the body. Another feature
is the exclusive GK Roller Technology where thumb-like rollers reach out and
comfortably squeeze to massage the shoulders and neck area, emulating the "grasping
and kneading" of a live massage.

In addition, the chair will locate areas of stiffness with SANYO's exclusive
Stiffness Detection Sensor, which diagnoses stress areas by measuring changes in
pulse rate and perspiration level. The chair will then prepare a customized massage
based on those findings.

Even Santa needn't worry that he's a little too large to get the benefit of all this
technology. The chair will adjust to accommodate various body sizes. The Physical
Shape Sensor adjusts the massage rollers automatically to the body's shape and
shoulder height. Whether it's Mrs. Claus or Santa in the chair both will get a
massage that fits each of them.

Don't be surprised if you see Santa sitting in one of SANYO's massage chairs at some
point this holiday season. Sources close to St. Nick have reported that it is on
the very top of his personal wish list this year.

For more information about the SANYO massage chairs, or to find a retailer near you,
visit SANYO's Web site at www.sanyomassagechairs.com.

Web Site: http://www.sanyomassagechairs.com

Contact Details: Beverly Steinberg
GBL Public Relations
(714) 777-2760

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