Million Impossible Offers This Years Totally Unique And Ultimate Christmas Gift

Released on: December 12, 2007, 11:06 pm

Press Release Author: jhon Blewitt

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: With the recent interest in programmes such as Dragons Den,
The Apprentice and Tycoon, Million Impossible PLC has been created. Million
Impossible intend to create the largest entrepreneur community that the UK and the
World has ever seen.

Press Release Body: Essex,UK,december,13,2007--The business is totally unique in
that one we are intending to break a UK and world record for the highest amount of
serving statutory directors for any UK Ltd/ Plc company in the UK then go on to
break a global record. Not only that anyone can join our PLC as a listed companies
house statutory non executive director and gain exposure, knowledge and the feeling
of being in business for themselves.

Every day people dream of going into business for themselves whether it is a college
student, university graduate studying a business degree an employee or even a
retiree who wishes to start his/ her own business. We all encourage entrepreneurial
spirit but we cannot always find the best environment to grow and develop our
commercial skills safely with the knowledge that someone is behind you supporting
you and guiding you through the at times challenging process in becoming successful.

What if you could become a director of a PLC that has plans to float in three
years?What if you were part of the decision making process in what businesses we
invest in?What if your CV said Director of Million Impossible PLC?
What if you wanted to start a business and you could learn and take advice form a
thousand people wanted to help you reach your dreams?

Million Impossible PLC are offering completely free memberships for Graduates/
Students and Why will people come on board and what will they get for their money

1. New members/ directors will be receiving shares in our PLC
2. You can choose to become a company director. You may already be one or have never
served as stat director.
3. Each person will be listed on the meet/ talk to the directors page with their own email address and IM Instant messenger address. Their key
field experience will be listed in brackets on the page EG (CONSTRUCTION)
4. The Non executive directors can talk directly to or instant message and ask
questions to you/ other A and B directors about specific business needs/ advice/
experience you are successful. I'm hoping that large Organisations will get someone
online to mentor budding entrepreneurs. The ones who do it may feel a moral
responsibility especially if they are investors in people... or talk about
encouragement and training in their internal mission statements.
5. Find a business mentor or a number of mentors to advise and guide business growth
6. Remember even someone with no business experience can still teach someone that is
highly skilled or qualified, something new.
7. Strength in numbers- no one should walk alone.... help each other and remember to
give something back.
8. Move your business forward through networking and promotion through our free to
advertise internet business directory
9. Once a B class director joins, they can put their business forward and seek
equity capital from one of our "Business Angels". Requests appear on the "GOING FOR
GOLD" business opportunities page with brief synopsis of the business and CF and PL.
We close off at the end of each month and all B class directors can vote bronze
silver and gold. The gold votes go through to our dragon's panel that look to buy
stakes in commercially sound business propositions.
10. There is an entrepreneur forum separate from the director's page where
entrepreneurs can create threads/ topics etc.
11. The companies that secure "Business Angel " investment will receive a profile on
the Million Impossible web site home page with National press being alerted.
12. We also give every B director a full page on our advertising site
13. Anyone who wants to break in to business either from student to retiring person
starting up their own business can experience and participate and feel what it is
like to be a director
14. A personal CV will be impressive advising individual is a stat director of
Million Impossible PLC
Parents and children can buy the director ship for their friends and family and I
hope to make it this year's ultimate xmas gift.
15. We will be launching Million Impossible magazine paid for ABC publication in Q1
16. Reasons to join - Prestige, exposure, pride, networking with other businesses to
promote their own business, investment, learning about business, seeking a job,
mentoring, tutoring, sharing life experiences, ROI pre floatation, seeking
investment, joining the UK record breaking attempt, purchasing power, buying
discounts, cash-flow planning and advice, taxation, legal solicitor, contract law,
HR, sales training, retail branding, corporate branding, web design, insurance,
vehicles leasing, commercial mortgages, seed equity, VC funding, radio and
advertising, media buying, confidence building, business analysts, market research,
banking and financial institutions, computers and IT, network and cabling, pat
testing, stationary supplies,
17. We will launch Million Impossible Magazines and Million Impossible entrepreneur
seminars within 3- 4 moths of going live.
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jhon Blewitt
Million Impossible plc
The Essex Technology & Innovation Centre
The Gables, Ongar, Essex CM5 0GA
0845 468 5000

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Contact Details: jhon Blewitt
Million Impossible plc
The Essex Technology & Innovation Centre
The Gables, Ongar, Essex CM5 0GA
0845 468 5000

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