New safe company emerges into the market! Customer 1st. LLC brings back a new idea!


Released on: December 7, 2007, 7:48 am

Press Release Author: Mike

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Customer 1st. LLC a safe manufacturing and service center brings back the concept of CUSTOMER 1st.!!! This company is based on the concept that "IF WE DON'T TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER SOMEONE ELSE WILL!" Customer service seems to be a forgotten art in many industries of the world, we here at Customer 1st. want people to feel comfortable when they call us and confident in the fact that when they call we will do everything in our power to concentrate our efforts in making the call as effortless, for the customer, as possible.

Press Release Body: Customer 1st. LLC is a safe and safe service company which was formed 10/5/07 in an effort to get back to some basic principles of making the CUSTOMER 1ST.

We have brought to our company the old head of service and production for McGunn Safe and of late Fire King Security Products Mike M. Mike has over 23 years in the locksmithing field, 20 years as a safe technician and 8 years in customer service and production.

We have started the company with the service division ready willing and able to offer tech support for most any safe in the industry. Our main expertise is of course the McGunn and Fire King Product line and we have a full line of electronics for McGunn safes available at very economical pricing, in stock. We can customize your software for a McGunn safe (call for specifications).

By the end of this year we will have a new style keypad and thermal printer available for the McGunn Smart product line. The keypad is a non-tactical, waterproof adhesive backed keypad that will retrofit on the top of the McGunn control panel with minimal modification. The thermal printer is a high speed low maintenance printer light years ahead of the existing unit.

In January 2008 we will roll out our first phase of newly designed safes taking some of the best concepts of other products and rolling them into our better product. The new safe line will offer economical electronic safes up to the high end units. We will be geared to offer products that WORK! Mike has stated that one thing he has learned from the companies he has worked for over the years is that too many bells and whistles can sink you. Yes while it is nice to have the latest and fanciest ideas out there if it doesn't work then all the customer has is a very heavy paper weight. Our philosophy is that we will develop a product that has been proven in the past yet stay up to date with good solid durable items that won't break down every other day. You as the customer deserve to expect a product to work when you get it and stay working. Too many companies cover their product for a year (and in some cases less) and then let you foot the bill from there on out. Now like with anything in this world items can break down, but we will not incorporate items into our safes that are not dependable. One of the biggest problems in the market is bill validators, all validators were designed for one of a few markets vending, slot machines and change machines. These validators were never designed for the safe industry to handle the volume of notes that are run through them. Hence you will see some companies only warranty the validators in their safes for 6 months and some even only 90 days! What is that??? You buy a new safe and all you get is 90 days to 6 months worth of warranty. We will give you what is fair! With every new safe purchase you get the full 1 year warranty on the whole safe not just certain parts! As for parts sales instead of the industry norm of 90 days on parts sales we give 90 days parts and labor and a full 6 months on the parts! As with any warranty there are restrictions, ours are simple if the part fails due to workmanship of the component it is replaced! We obviously cannot cover abuse! You can contact us for further info on this.

All of our electronic safes will be DVR compatible; this will allow most of the DVR equipment, on the market today. This can be tied into the safe and you will be able to view time stamped video of the activities when activated by the safe. We have formed a strategic alliance with Sarobant Security Inc. out of Chicago, a distributor of major leading DVR systems. They have the ability to supply standard to custom units from 2 of the most respected digital companies in the industry. Giving you the freedom of choice to pick the perfect unit for your application. With Sarobant, a company also geared to customer service, we believe jointly that we can serve all your security needs to your satisfaction.

So please call, email or fax us for further information!

Customer 1st. LLC
TX: 877-768-9970
FX: 812-733-4640

Web Site:

Contact Details: Customer 1st. LLC
P.O. Box 290
Borden, In. 47106
TX: 812-733-4638
FX: 812-733-4640


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