Now is the time for a bargain in France, says expert

Released on: December 12, 2007, 9:32 am

Press Release Author: Jim watson

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: Those looking to invest in property in France may find now is
a very good time to do it, according to property experts Leggett Immobilier

Press Release Body: Those looking to invest in property in France may find now is a
very good time to do it, according to property experts Leggett Immobilier.

Speaking to, executive director Trevor Leggett said the best
places to go tended to be the centres of towns and villages.

There were two reasons that he gave for this; price and location. In towns some
homes without gardens could be had for as little as 25,000 (18,000). Commenting on
this, Mr Leggett stated: \"Once renovated, you may have to sit on your property for a
little longer in order for the rest of the market to catch up with you, but French
town houses offer excellent, spacious accommodation and can still provide the
quieter, relaxed lifestyle people are looking for at half the price of a comparable
property down a quiet lane in the countryside.\"

Indeed, Mr Leggett added, the attractions of living in the countryside were offset
by some of the difficulties of integration, not least the need to speak French all
the time.

\"People are realising it can pay to live in the middle of a charming French town
with plenty of amenities and neighbours to help with integration,\" he concluded.

Such considerations may be relevant for the buy-to-let market as well, since there
may be an advantage in the attraction of a house in an area well served with
amenities rather than on the sticks. The bargain aspect will be significant as well,
not least if the investor is looking to sell the property on in time.

The question of who buys property in France has no single straightforward answer. In
one instances, this is because certain niche markets exists or are starting to
develop, an obvious latter case being that of commuters who will live in France
where properties are cheaper and catch the new, faster Eurostar to work in London.

Country Life Magazine, however, has found that this is not the main demographic
group who will be buying property in France next year, although the geographical
area is in common. Reporting on the annual market report of French property company
VEF, which will be published early next year, it finds that in fact it is those aged
56 or over looking to retire across the channel who will be the main buyers.

The survey notes that those buyers stated the retention of traditional values, lower
prices, better climate and superior healthcare as the main reasons were the
principal reasons behind their decisions to move.

For those investing in town centre property in France therefore, this is the market
they may look to target when selling such homes on.

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