Software to optimize landing pages and PURLS used to create integrated print, email and web marketing campaigns

Released on: December 1, 2007, 9:25 pm

Press Release Author: Mark Pivon

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Create customized landing pages and generate unlimited
personal URLs for integration into direct mail, email and internet response pages.
Build a better purl, doorway page, squeeze page, and marketing campaign with our
software using PHP & MySQL. Download a FREE TRIAL of PURLManager today!

Press Release Body: eMarketer recently released a report indicating that the
opportunity for behavioral marketing will nearly quadruple over the next five years
to nearly four billion dollars. With this in mind, PURLManager was borne!

PURLManager is software designed to create
a meaningful experience for someone that takes the time to visit a website from
either an email or direct mail invitation. So, rather than being greeted rather
indifferently by a generic webpage, a user can now be recognized by name, prompted
with specific offers that are unique only to them, and have information filtered

The technology does not use cookies, nor does it require an individual to login.
Rather, the software creates a simple page that extracts information from a database
that uses a signifier that is encoded directly into the web address. This is often
referred to as a \"personalized URL\", \"response URL\', \"doorway page\", \"squeeze page\"
or \"conversion page\". Naturally the industry has already invented it\'s own
geek-speak for this technology, referring to the generated addresses as PURLS or
RURLS. To the layman, a PURL can be easily recognized because it usually appends a
name to the end of a website address. For example, if John Smith is being asked to
visit the website, he might get an invitation to visit The same holds true for EVERY person being
invited to the website: a PURL will look like

\"Everyone is extremely enthusiastic about this kind of technology because it\'s easy
to understand and easy to implement,\" commented Mark Pivon, creator of the PURLManager. \"For printing companies, they
can add a PURL to a direct mail campaign as easily as a web address or phone number.
For a marketer, it\'s as easy as writing a simple web page or email. For the
recipient of a marketing effort, it\'s just a bit more captivating because it\'s
personalized. The best part, though, is the fact that all responses are driven to a
common platform: a PURL is a web page. When that happens, we can track a campaign\'s
effectiveness. And THAT is what all the buzz us REALLY about!\"

In fact, the Direct Marketing Association has recently reported that at least 1/3 of
consumers prefer to respond to an advertisement online. Other research suggests
that \"...over thirty-three percent of websites offer behavioral targeting, or
relevant offers...\" and another research report from eMarketer states: "The Holy
Grail for online ad targeting is a combination of the behavioral technique on top of
other methods, especially search. the combination will be popular: 55% of search
engine advertisers would pay a premium of 11% or more for behavioral projections to
help target paid search advertising." Lastly, the technology is proving to deliver
meaningful returns for early adopters. According to Jupiter Research,
\"Incorporating web analytics into email campaigns increases response rates by up to
5% and open rates up to 13%\"

Certainly, PURLManager is not the first
software of its kind on the market. \"We are,\" commented Pivon, \"the most reasonably
priced! Most of the current vendors out there are \'Software as service\' -- and in
many of those cases their contracts are worded in such a way that the OWN YOUR DATA!
Even worse, they lay down anticompetitive rules so that you are locked into a
relationship with them! THAT\'S JUST NUTS!\"

Trying to calm Mark down is like trying to stifle an armoury a-blaze: \"What\'s worse
is that everyone is charging exhorbitant fees for something that is much easier than
they claim. Our software sells for $250.00. Everyone else is charging four, five,
even TWENTY TIMES that! We understand that our solution is basic, but the jump from
what we offer to what someone else offers is by far and wide a lot of lipstick and

Their flaship product PURLManager has a
lite version that can be downloaded from the website following a brief registration
process. For a limited time, they are also offering a $50.00 discount for
interested readers of this press release. The software is coded using PHP & a MySQL
database, and is intended to be hosted on your webserver. However, they also offer
a hosted solution if users just don\'t have the technology available or they lack the
necessary resources. Typical small campaigns run at under $1000.00 for 10,000

For more information, visit PURLManager

PURL Expert Services
P.O. Box 41546 - London Place
923 12th Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 1K0
Located in the PACIFIC TIME ZONE

Media inquiries call: Mark Pivon at 604-726-5569
Email: admin(at)PURLScript(dot)com - Encoded to protect against spambots.

Samples of the lite and full software can be made available to interested parties
upon request, for media review and evaluation.

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Contact Details: Create customized landing pages and generate unlimited personal
URLS for integration into direct mail, email and internet response pages. Build a
better PURL, response, doorway or squeeze page and boost marketing clicks.

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