Successful Disabled Couple Forms Publishing Company to "Give Back"


Released on: December 28, 2007, 7:32 pm

Press Release Author: Stephen R. Doroghazi

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: New River Publications, LLC is the new kid on the block in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a mission to "give back" (i.e. donate money or books) to those charitable organizations that helped the publishing company's disabled founders achieve the success they enjoy today.

Press Release Body: There is a new publishing company in town that brings fresh ideas to the table that are sure to get noticed. Founded by Cynthia Doroghazi and Stephen Doroghazi, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, New River Publications, LLC has a mission to "give back" by donating ten to twenty percent of book sale proceeds (not profits, but revenues generated from the sale of book titles), to charity. Further, to the extent New River Publications finds sponsors to make bulk purchases of titles, these books are made available to charitable organizations, virtually free of charge, for use as promotional gifts at fundraising events.

Skeptics may question, just how and when this "giving back" will take place. Well, the answer is "it has already begun." New River Publications, LLC released Searching for the Open Door: A Woman's Struggle for Survival After a Traumatic Brain Injury (by Cynthia Paddock Doroghazi), at the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital's 2007 Humanitarian of the Year Award dinner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The investment firm of Morgan Keegan, a long-time donor to the hospital, sponsored a bulk purchase of Searching for the Open Door: A Woman's Struggle for Survival After a Traumatic Brain Injury on behalf of Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation.

Simultaneous with Cynthia's speech to a crowd of some 250, acknowledging the financial support of Morgan Keegan and the great work performed every day by the staff at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, New River Publications, LLC donated $2,500.00 to the hospital.

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital is but one of many charitable organizations that form an integral part of New River Publications, LLC's mission to "give back" by donating both books and book sale proceeds to charity. We invite you to visit New River Publications, LLC at to read more about this new and very exciting publishing company, its charitable mission, publishing services, and public speaking opportunities.

Web Site:

Contact Details: You can contact either Steve or Cynthia at New River Publications, LLC
2860 State Road 84
Suite 116, PMB 202
(954) 636-1936 (tel)
(954) 636-1769 (fax)


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