Trading System Industry Flipped On It`s Ear By Renegade Seminar Instructor Jimmy Slagle And He Does It With A Dart

Released on: December 4, 2007, 9:55 am

Press Release Author: DartThrow,LLC

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Many Trading Systems today are filled with shallow promises
and out of reach price tags, because of this, Renegade Seminar Speaker Jimmy Slagle
Breaks Ranks; Turns Trading System Education Industry On It's Ear and He Does It
With A Dart.

Press Release Body: Former seminar instructor Jimmy Slagle has had enough. After
nearly two decades of traveling around the United States teaching hundreds of stock
trading seminars in hotel ballrooms, he was tired of seeing otherwise willing
students walk away from his events empty-handed, unable to afford the $30,000 price
tag to take the "next step" in the continuing education process. But as an employee
of the seminar company himself, Slagle was powerless to negotiate the price of the
classes for less.

"It's incredibly discouraging to have this knowledge in my head, and to have my
hands tied, metaphorically speaking," says Slagle, reflecting on his years working
as a top sales speaker in a major educational seminar company. "I wasn't in a
position to negotiate offers with students, no matter how badly I wanted to at the
time. I made a promise to myself that as soon as I could, I'd find a way to bring
my knowledge and experience as well as the knowledge and experience of others to as
many people as possible, through an innovative and comprehensive trading system, at
an investment that the average consumer could easily afford."

Two years later, Slagle made good on his promise, in a rather unorthodox way.

Borne out of an attempt to make an illustrative point with a belligerent student at
one of his seminars, Slagle created a unique trading system he tagged The DartThrow
Trader Insider Program, a trading system that would teach students specific skills
quickly and effectively, for a fraction of the price of the large seminar companies.
However, instead of relying on the latest stock guru, technical system, or
stock-predicting "black box" to decide which stocks to trade each week, Slagle
thumbs his nose at conventional wisdom and turns to his trusty dartboard instead.

"It's a common misconception that in order to be successful in the financial
markets, you have to be 'right' in your predictions one hundred percent of the
time," Slagle explains. "I simply pointed out that, if you know what you're doing,
you can put stock quotes on a wall, throw a dart, randomly select stocks and still
make money. It got a big laugh from the crowd at the time, but that's really where
the idea started."

From that simple exchange, the former seminar speaker embarked on a two-year project
to prove that, indeed, within certain parameters, such as a willingness to learn,
study, and focus, one can actually throw darts at a specially-made "Stock Quote Dart
Board" of over 400 different eligible stocks and successfully make an impressive
profit using his innovative trading system.

"I knew my theory was correct, but even I was surprised by the impressive returns we
made that first year," Slagle laughs. But he proved it wasn't a fluke. "Any good
trading system has to be a consistent, repeatable process to be worth anything at
all. We have a few weeks left of this year, but let's just say it's turning out to
be just as successful as last year."

If you are ready to see the results and participate in what others have already
called "the most innovative and outrageously creative financial education program
every attempted by mortal man" , I'd like to invite you to visit
and take part in our unique multi-media training program.

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