With a new Version 5, Tunebite Blossoms From a Legal Copy Protection Removing Tool to a Universal Converter for Music, Audio Books, Videos and Films

Released on: December 3, 2007, 5:50 am

Press Release Author: RapidSolution Software AG

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: RapidSolution Software AG has launched three new editions of
the latest Version 5 of the globally leading conversion software Tunebite for
Windows Vista and XP. These will be available on the company\'s website
http://audials.com at a cheaper price. In addition to new DRM formats, Tunebite now
also converts all significant unprotected audio and video file formats for PCs and
mobile devices.

Press Release Body: Multimedia Christmas and its pitfalls

There are many offers, both in stores and on the Internet, for low-priced MP4
players, mobiles, iPods or iPhones for Christmas 2007. How disappointing though,
when the recipients of the gifts cannot enjoy all the music, audio books and,
increasingly, the video clips and even films at Christmas time and thereafter - due
to DRM copy protection or because the mobile device cannot play back the file
format. As has been the case every year since 2004, the multi-award-winning classic
Tunebite comes to the rescue once again in 2007 through innovations and simplicity
of use combined to the best digital quality.

Conversion giant for music, audio books, videos & films with over 50 file formats

The number of input formats has dramatically risen to 18 audio and 18 video formats.
With Tunebite 5, the number of output formats supported has increased to 15 of the
most important standard audio and video formats. Tunebite 5 is consequently the
universal media converter for files with or without DRM copy protection for PCs,
mobiles, MP3 players, PDAs, PSPs, MP4 players and Apple iPods & Co.

Copy protection assistance, now with increased speed & even more tunes simultaneously

Depending on the personal computer\'s operating system and performance, Tunebite 5
now legally records DRM-protected music even faster. The efficient system is able to
convert a copy protected WMA file up to 27 times faster with high-speed dubbing.
Large music volumes comprising 9 instead of 4 files are now automatically and
simultaneously handled.

Profile editor for individual settings opens up new possibilities for mobile devices

The Tunebite 5 Profile editor enables music and video files to becustomized, in
terms of quality and file size for instance. Films and video clips can thus be
accurately adapted to the player\'s screen resolution. Mobile devices no longer need
to convert Tunebite 5 resolution-optimized videos during play-back. This takes the
pressure off devices and thereby enables low-priced MP4 players or multimedia
mobiles to play back the videos. High-end devices benefit from the reduced file size
of resolution-optimized cinema films and can therefore use the storage space for
more entertainment.

Increased user convenience. More optional functions

As usual, Tunebite 5\'s brand new user interface is user-friendly - even with many
new functions. In addition to the previous version\'s mobile device synchronization
and CD burner, extra features such as a ring tone generator and automatic completion
of missing ID3 tags, album pictures and song texts have been added.

Many things get more expensive, but often no better. With Tunebite, the opposite
stands true.

With Version 5, Tunebite offers the new Classic and Premium editions and as a
universal converter, the Platinum edition. Tunebite 5 Platinum replaces its
predecessor and in comparison now offers more functions and licensed codecs at a
price below 30 Euros. This saves consumers approximately 5 Euros.

About RapidSolution

RapidSolution Software AG is a leading entertainment software company. RapidSolution
products are available online at Audials.com or in the international stores.
Well-known brands include Tunebite, Radiotracker, Videoraptor and RS audials

Web Site: http://audials.com

Contact Details: RapidSolution Software AG
Erbprinzenstrasse 27
76133 Karlsruhe

Telephone: +49-(0)721-66-33-88-0
Telefax: +49-(0)721-66-33-88-19


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