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Released on: January 18, 2008, 8:29 pm

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Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: NEW YORK - Peter Eaton, former advertising executive,
award-winning creative director, designer and art director has put together a
rousing collection of 50 stories culled from a swashbuckling career spanning three
decades and three continents in the often fast and ridiculous world known as

Press Release Body: VINTAGE TALES is a whirlwind of people, places and events, many
involving fine wines, lunatic nouveau riche clients, jet-setting and some juicy bits
of naughtiness thrown in for good measure. What\'s more, the book is a fascinating
glimpse into the Golden Age of Advertising when big ideas and creative solutions
actually meant something, and when CPAs, CRM\'s and ROl\'s were still anal acronyms
yet to be devised by MBA\'s and AE\'s.

Eaton\'s vertiginous journey at various times reads like a sommelier\'s guide,
travelogue, character study and textbook example of creative genius at work.

Eaton started out in London and became, at 22, the youngest creative director ever
to head up a premier agency, Evenett & Desoutter. Within five years he was co-owner
and had established offices in Paris, Munich and the Netherlands. He made many
clients very rich, so much so, they stopped returning his phone calls as they had
moved to places like Monaco.

In the early eighties, Eaton made the big leap across the pond and dropped into New
York after falling in love with the city thanks to numerous stopovers on his way to
meet with Boeing, where he was in the process of single-handedly redesigning the
entire corporate identity and livery for Britannia Airways a UK airline.

After a remarkably successful but strange tour of duty in LA (where he won a coveted
Diamond Echo Award, one of only seven given out since 1927), Eaton resettled in NYC
and started his own agency, British American Design. His partner, after sitting
through numerous re-tellings of the stories found here, reputedly told Eaton to \"put
up or shut up:\" Thus, VINTAGE TALES was born.

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