`Young Entrepreneur Breaks Sales Record For Fashion Franchise`

Released on: January 29, 2008, 7:41 am

Press Release Author: Tapia Advertising Inc.

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: 2007 ended with record breaking sales and plans to expand for
a 29 year old entrepreneur in Colorado. Theresa Preston, co-owner of three Plato\'s
Closet stores in Colorado, finished the year with a 51% increase over last year for
her Colorado Springs store. It was the largest increase of any of the 200 Plato's
Closet locations nation wide.

Press Release Body: Colorado Springs, CO, January -28 - 2007 - The fashion industry
relies more on mass market sales more then ever these days. It is also easier to
establish oneself as a brand in the fashion industry if a company is known for the
type of clothing style they produce. Fashion companies will cater to mass markets
for a wide range of customers, producing ready-to-wear clothes in large quantities
and standard sizes. In order to produce affordable fashion, it is ideal for a
clothing line to creatively use affordable materials. A Roman philosopher named
Seneca once said "We live not according to reason, but according to fashion." That
is still true to this day. What we wear is an indication of who you are!

According to Bob Willis with Bloomberg.com "Sales at U.S. retailers unexpectedly
dropped in December, capping the weakest year since 2002," and Brian Bethune at
Global Insight Inc. said "Consumer spending slowed down pretty dramatically in the
fourth quarter." Retailers rely on sales from consumers of all ages in regards to a
company's growth, but teens are often the ones doing the shopping and buying.
According to a survey by Teenage Research Unlimited, an Illinois-based market
research firm that tracks youth trends, teens spent an average of about $100 a week
on personal purchases in 2006. Clothing was the most popular category. Total teen
spending in 2006 was about $179 billion.

2007 ended with record breaking sales and plans to expand for a 29 year old
entrepreneur in Colorado. Theresa Preston, co-owner of three Plato\'s Closet stores
in Colorado, finished the year with a 51% increase over last year for her Colorado
Springs store. It was the largest increase of any of the 200 Plato's Closet
locations nation wide. Her Littleton and Fort Collins stores also had a great year,
ending 2007 with a 20% increase! Theresa was featured in Seventeen Magazines
November 2007 issue. The magazine quoted, "This place is amazingly affordable! They
generally price their items at 70 to 80 percent off the original price. And unlike
any store in the mall, their inventory is different at every store and changes
daily. Seriously, you should check Plato's Closet out. It's a great place to get the
fashion you want for a price you can afford. Plato's Closet Is Your Fashion Heaven!"

As the fastest growing chain in the Winmark Corporation family of brands, Plato\'s
Closet is also the only national teen retail store of its kind. They buy and sell
the latest looks in gently used clothing and accessories for teens and young adults
from the hottest brand name designers such as American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch,
Hollister, Aeropostale and many more.. Plato\'s Closet is all about being fashion
savvy and shopping smart. "Not everyone can afford to shop for brand-name clothing
on a regular basis, I firmly believe the essence of building your customers trust
and loyalty is to give them more than what they expect for half the price they were
willing to pay. We can save 50-75% off the mall's retail prices, plus we buy clothes
at 30% to 40% of the retail price." Said Theresa...

Theresa graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University
in 2001 with an emphasis in Apparel Design and Merchandising. At 23 years of age
along with her passion for fashion, Preston signed her first franchisee agreement as
the youngest franchisee to join the Plato's Closet Corporation. In 2002, Theresa
partnered with Andrea O'Donnell and Renee Jelinek who own the Plato's Closet in Fort
Collins and Once Upon a Child in Cheyenne Wyoming. With continued sales growth, the
trendy trio decided to open another location in Littleton Colorado in 2003. In
August 2005, Theresa and her partners Andrea and Renee opened their third location
in Colorado Springs. Preston's newest venture will take place in Cheyenne Wyoming as
she opens a fourth location in June 2008! At the moment, Theresa is preparing for
her biggest event of the year, The Grab Bag Sale! "For only $10 you get to fill a
bag with as many clearance items as you can stuff and squeeze in." Theresa Said.
Everyone might want to show up early since it doesn\'t last long because it's for one
day only! The sale starts at 10:00am on Saturday February 2nd.

Plato's Closet is not only fashionable and affordable, it's also environmently
friendly. In fact, Plato's Closet is named after the pioneering Greek philosopher.
Plato's theories of reusing and preservation appeared to be a good parallel to the
unique idea of recycling. "Closet" was a natural fit as it relates perfectly to
every teen\'s room and their craze for clothing. "Reusing clothing and accessories
reduces the consumption of raw materials and energy required to produce new goods.
Reducing distant and costly shipping also saves fuel. We also practice economic
recycling. Each year we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to our customers for
the clothes they sell. Keeping cash in our local economy is good for our customers
and good for our community." Theresa said. Plato's Closet also donates an average of
20 garbage bags full of clothing per week to the less fortunate. "At Plato\'s Closet
we practice the ideals of reduce, reuse and recycle everyday and we want to reward
you for doing the same! That\'s why we are offering a $500 Scholarship to someone who
has done something to benefit our environment." Preston said. Tell us how you have
made a difference at home, at school or in the community. Did you start a project?
Are you part of a team? Maybe you made a difference individually. Send us a one-page
summary of what you've done to help reduce, reuse or recycle and benefit our
environment. You can submit your application to platosscholarship@q.com.
With influence and knowledge, Theresa is considered one of the most successful young
entrepreneurs in Colorado. Theresa claims a big reason for her success is having a
great partnership with Andrea and Renee, along with the Plato's Closet Franchise.
But she aultimently credits the most important person in her business, the Customer!
"Our customers are the only reason we remain in business today. The customer is our
reason for being here." Preston Said. You can find a Plato's Closet location in
Colorado Springs at 937 N. Academy 80909 or in Littleton at 8601 W. Cross Dr. 80123
or in Ft. Collins at 4372 S. College,

For additional information, or an interview with Theresa Preston please do not
hesitate to contact us!

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