Air France Plans To Relocate Scheduled Cargo Service From Shannon To Dublin Airport - Mayor Of Clare

Released on: January 29, 2008, 5:14 am

Press Release Author: Mark Dunphy/Dunphy PR

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Shannon, County Clare, IRELAND, 29th January 2008 - Air
France could be set to terminate its 20-year-old scheduled cargo service from
Shannon International Airport, according to the Mayor of Clare.

Press Release Body: Councillor Patricia McCarthy has received confirmation from the
airline that it plans to relocate its once-weekly service to Dublin while continuing
to courier airfreight from the Clare airport to the Capital.

The Mayor explained that Air France is exploring the move following the decision by
Singapore Airlines to end its 11-year-old freight services at Dublin Airport.

"The proposed ending of this service could prove damaging for Shannon as it
currently provides the airport and surrounding industrial base with air cargo
options unavailable at any other West of Ireland airport", indicated Mayor McCarthy.

Cllr. McCarthy explained, "Air France claims that any plan to relocate the scheduled
service, which carries an estimated 3000 tonnes of airfreight annually, is due to
network reorganisation rather than specific airport issues. That will come as
little consolation to Shannon's major global logistics firms and internationally
trading companies, which rely on such services for the viability of their own

The Mayor said that Air France is the only cargo service at Shannon capable of
carrying large cargo over transcontinental flying distances with fewer refuelling

She continued, "The airline's Boeing Jumbo 747 aircraft is capable of carrying
freight of 20-30ft in length, significantly larger than any of the other
Shannon-based operators. Each Saturday afternoon the service carries an average of
50 tonnes of airfreight to destinations worldwide, including Asia, Europe, and North
and South America. To lose such a valuable direct service would have a detrimental
effect on the surrounding region's international trading performance, which depends
on Shannon\'s cargo services and facilities for timely access to their major

Commenting on the potential knock effects for employment at the airport should the
service be relocated to Dublin, Cllr. McCarthy said, "I am aware that it takes up to
eight people to refuel and load/unload the Boeing 747 aircraft. Despite the
presence of DHL, TNT, UPS and FedEx Express at Shannon, I fear that some jobs could
be put at risk should Air France proceed with its relocation plan."

"I would ask Air France to immediately clarify its intentions regarding its future
operations at Shannon Airport. The facility's unrestricted runway, round the clock
operation, efficient handling and the presence of major multinational firms nearby
make it an ideal location for a scheduled airfreight service, which is why I cannot
understand Air France's proposed move to an overly congested airport", concluded
the Mayor.


Notes to Editor:
Mayor of Clare Cllr. Patricia McCarthy (087-4187132) is available for interview and
further comment.
For further information please contact Mark Dunphy of Dunphy Public Relations on
086-8534900 or

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