Day Job Killer - the third ebook from Chris McNeeney Enchants The Affiliate Marketers And Adwords Lovers

Released on: January 30, 2008, 10:42 am

Press Release Author: waseem dar

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Chris has written this tail blazing ebook for affiliate
marketers to use the google adwords effectively and unleash a never stopping adwords
traffic fury with the maximum CTR. His methods are brutally effective and prove
beneficial for even a newbie.

Press Release Body: Fl, USA, Jan.31, 2008..............Day Job Killer - the third
ebook from Chris McNeeney - noted for his very great marketing ebooks: Adwords
Miracle and Affiliate Project X!
Day Job killer (DayJobKiller) broke the \' total ClickBank sales in a week \' record
in the first 24 hours.Maybe we can use his books name to describe this
phenomenon:DayJobKiller Is a X Miracle!
Day Job Killer could also be called \'Affiliate Project X Part 2\'. It\'s 69 pages and
it\'s really easy to read it! But easy to read not mean easy to forget! Here is an
overview of the content in DayJobKiller: There are 8 chapters in the book,and they

Chapter 1: Introduction This chapter just like some other ebook,gives you some
information or summary of author and content!

Chapter 2: Direct Linking X Well ,here it is ,the easiest way for affiliates to make
money online 2005 is back for 2007, by Chris,google cash is back! A new level on
another ebook called \'Google Cash\'! Direct Linking is now obsolete but Chris make it
work again!

Chapter 3: The Leveller Extention of the Affiliate Project X method \' The Leech \'.
The author has developed a tweak to take it to new level! This maybe the most
profitable but hardest method in Day job killer! The author explaind the details of
this work,you can follow it!

Chapter 4: Campaign Nuking Campaign Nuking,hehe! Find a profitable adwords,find a
profitable products,and work around Google Slap, and win! Maybe you\'ll say this\'s a
dirty trick after you read this chapter! But it\'s smartest,except a bit of risk!

Chapter 5: The UnderCutter If you want others know some details of your product or
service before they buy it, creat a free report or one time offer to your customers
is helpful! This method may engross many of your time,but it is very useful!

Chapter 6: The Media Manslaughter Shift your advertisment attention from internet to
real world! Use traditional media to promote your product!

Chapter 7: Cheapskate Undertaker Dayjobkiller give you a cheap way to perform the
method above!

Chapter 8: Conslution and endnotes

Day Job Killer is worthy buying if you want to earn a nice income as a affiliate on
the internet! For more details about this tail blazing ebook visit the website at

Web Site:

Contact Details: waseem dar

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