DrWeb Enterprise Suite 444 - next generation of anti-virus and anti-spam protection of corporate networks

Released on: January 31, 2008, 1:41 am

Press Release Author: Information Service, Doctor Web, Ltd.

Industry: Computers

Press Release Summary: Now latest anti-virus and anti-spam technologies used in
Dr.Web 4.44 are available to enterprise users

Press Release Body: Dr.Web Enterprise Suite is a client-server application capable
of protecting a company of any size: from small companies to enterprises with dozens
of thousands of workstations in their networks. The product incorporates three basic
components: the anti-virus server, the anti-virus agent and the administrator
management console.

The solution that has been successfully protecting information resources of
SAS-Election, Russian railways. JSC, Rosnedvizhimost and hundreds of
multi-affiliated companies for many years has got a new engine and expanded

The new version has been optimized for more efficient use of server CPU and memory
resources. Protocols used for communication between servers in a multi-server
anti-virus network have been modified and optimized.

As usual Dr. Web Enterprise Suite server is available for several platforms, it can
be installed on a computer running Unix as well as on a Windows machine. The new
version supports a wider range of operating systems including 64-bt versions of
servers, now it is also compatible with Sparc processors of SUN servers, both 32-
and 64-bit architecture. The new version also supports IPv6 protocol. For more
details see http://info.drweb.com/show/3261/en.

How users of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite can update to version 4.44?

Users with valid licenses Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 4.33.1 can update to the new
version of the product free of charge. To update to Enterprise Suite 4.44 one just
needs to run installation, all available databases, configuration file, encryption
key and license keys remain intact. If you have a multi-server anti-virus network
you can install the new version on the master-server and update other servers using
replacement of the repository. Detailed installation guidance, updated system
requirements info, etc can be found in the new version of the Administrator\'s

Low-cost Upgrade to Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 4.44 Antivirus +Anti-spam!!!

Every user of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite willing to upgrade to the new version
featuring anti-spam protection may start using the new version right now, there is
no need to wait for your current license to expire regardless of when the license
has been purchased. The new version of the product will protect as many objects as
you already have licensed.

a) 30% Upgrade Discount! Buy Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 4.44 - Antivirus+Antispam, 1
year at the price of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite, Renewal, 1 year.
b) The remaining duration of the previous license will be automatically added to the
new license for Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 4.44 -Anti-virus+Anti-spam.

Upgrade procedure:

1. Request renewal of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 4.44- Anti-virus+Anti-spam license
from Doctor Web, Ltd. partners http://partners.drweb.com/
2. Enclose enterprise.key file with your request
3. After having received a registration serial number register it at product
registration page. Download key files
4. Replace key files as described in the Administrator manual.

Web Site: http://www.drweb.com

Contact Details: Doctor Web, Ltd.
2-12A, 3rd St. Yamskogo polya, 125124, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 789-45-87
Fax: +7 (495) 789-45-97

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