From The Jungles Of Southeast Asia To The Deserts Of Southwest Asia

Released on: January 7, 2008, 1:38 am

Press Release Author: Robert Adams

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: American author and Vietnam veteran Robert Adams releases his
decade long writing, Tripwire, as a self-help guide to his fellow vets, other
sufferers of PTSD, and to the thousands returning from the Iraq War.

Press Release Body: Tucson, AZ, January 07, 2008--Tripwire is the gripping saga of
one man's struggle against the shadows of war, revealing to all the silent thunder
that can cripple the human spirit and rob the joy of living long after the shelling
has stopped. Tripwire strips away the falsehoods and specters that PTSD embeds in
its victims, forcing it into the light of truth where it can be seen for what it
really is.

"I used to scoff at vets who claimed to be disabled with Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder," states Mr. Adams. "I really believed they were just trying to milk the
system." But in 1988, on August 2nd of that year to be precise, it hit him like a
sledge hammer. For the next 13 years he fought a solitary battle against what he
could only describe as "a dark monster of fear" that slowly ate away his confidence,
his courage and his faith.

In 1997, in the midst of his struggle, Mr. Adams began to pen Tripwire from the many
journals he had kept over the years as an attempt to come to grips with his
"monster". If nothing else, he believed that at least his writing would record for
his children the events that led to his demise, for as he looked back on those
turbulent years, he truly believed as he awoke each day that it may be his last.

And now, nearly 40 years down the road, here it comes again. It's going to happen,
and perhaps with even more intensity than from the Vietnam War, for the Iraq War's
version of the tripwire is the dreaded "IED", improvised explosive device. Its
deadly threat continually haunts the Iraqi soldier, knowing that their next step,
their next breath may be their last.

Many thousands of vets returning from the Iraq War believe that their war is over.
But, as was to Mr. Adams' vexation, it was only the beginning. "It is my hope that
Tripwire will cut PTSD off at the knees before it can cause irreparable damage,"
writes Mr. Adams. "Through my decade-long ordeal I have learned that PTSD's coup de
grace is knowledge and truth. And when you become entangled in its web, it is only
these two weapons that can disarm the maze of tripwires PTSD throws in your path."

A testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome all obstacles, prepare to be
catapulted into an adventure with as many twists and turns as the rivers that raged
through the mountainous jungles of South Vietnam. Graphic, suspenseful and
fast-moving, follow the trail of fear and courage that will challenge you to the
very core. Look out ahead for...tripwires.

Available in hardbound, paperback or e-book, Tripwire can be found at many popular
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Robert Adams is currently residing with his wife, Donna, in the pristine deserts
surrounding Tucson, Arizona.
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