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Released on: January 7, 2008, 6:14 am

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Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: The image search engine on the SpivO search network is back
online with improved features.

Press Release Body: SpivO's image search engine ( went back
online today with upgraded features. SpivO originally launched the image search
engine in 2006 and included select filter technology to prevent children from
looking at inappropriate images without censoring their content.

The new version of the image search engine has an improved filtering method which
makes it easier for adults to search through uncensored images while making it more
difficult for children.

SpivO's select filtering technology is explained by Jack Thomas of "When
working on the image search engine for SpivO, we decided to take a different
approach to filtering. We maintain a no censorship policy for our content but at the
same time we feel a need to prevent younger users from accessing inappropriate
content. If we used a filter that could be turned off and on, then some younger
users may be able to find a way to disable it. However, by having a built in filter
that only allows descriptive searches that an adult would use when searching for
content, it makes it more difficult for the younger SpivO Image Search user to
access adult content."

Another advancement that SpivO users will find on the image search engine and other
SpivO channels, is the faster inquiry response time. This is accredited to the new
servers being used for,, and SpivO's server
environment was previously hosted and managed by a smaller group that was unable to
support a web site the size of SpivO.

The faster server environment is a necessary upgrade as SpivO prepares to launch
other media search engines such as SpivO Web Video Search and SpivO User Video
Search. These are scheduled to launch this week.

To learn more, visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: SpivO
9280 Bay Plaza Blvd Suite 706
Tampa, FL 33619

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