The Caylix Quest - a free initiative to help people soar with their dreams

Released on: January 20, 2008, 12:36 pm

Press Release Author: Caylix Consulting

Industry: Non-Profit

Press Release Summary: The Caylix Quest is a sponsored, international initiative to provide people with assistance in realizing their dreams. Submit your dream for free and receive objective, honest advice as well as the opportunity to be pitched to potential sponsors, donors and investors. Should your dream by extremely inspiring, it will be funded directly by the Caylix Quest.

Any dream from any person in the world is welcome.

Press Release Body: The Caylix Quest is an international effort presented by Caylix Consulting to get people to dream and provide them with practical assistance on how to see those dreams through. Dreams are what the world are most in need of, and through the Caylix Quest the Caylix Group of companies are doing their bit to help realising more dreams every day.

When someone starts to pursue his or her dream, chances are that there will not be an endless supply of funds readily available – knowing this, The Caylix Quest is a sponsored initiative that does not charge for any of the services it delivers. It aims to purely give advice and connect dreamers with the resources that they need.

‘There is nothing more important in the world than having a dream – except maybe living that dream,’ says Caylix Consulting Communications Director Ben Naude. ‘The Caylix Quest wants to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to live his or her dream.’

Backed by all of the Business Consultancies within the Caylix Group (, the Caylix Quest has the resources and expertise to help with any kind of dream, whether it is a new business, a dream of publishing a book, a humanitarian effort, or something more personal like attending an elite academy to hone a certain skill.

‘Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to help realize every dream we receive, we certainly can try. Experience has taught us that, provided the dreamer has the perseverance to see the process through, all that is normally needed to get a dream flaming is some objective, honest advice, and a few leads on how to attain the first few practical steps. All this and much more the Caylix Quest provide.

Being in regular contact with sponsors, donors and investors, the Caylix Quest will pitch some of the received dreams directly to these entities (with the permission of the person that submitted the dream). The decision on who will be pitched will be based upon how inspiring the dream was to the people at the Caylix Quest. Apart from this, four dreams will be chosen that the Caylix Quest will fund personally.

To realise your dreams, go to the Caylix Quest website ( today and submit your dream. After your dream has been reviewed, you will receive an email with all of the needed information and suggestions.

For more information, visit the Caylix Quest site or send an email to Start soaring with your dreams today!

Web Site:

Contact Details: 19 Bellevue, Murrayfield, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa.

Tel : +27 012 8031512
Fax : +27 086 694 0377


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