Weathered Steel Syndicated Metal Show offers a new format for Radio Stations through HeirChex Digital Servicing

Released on: January 26, 2008, 10:42 am

Press Release Author: HeirChex Digital Servicing

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Weathered Steel, the syndicated metal show hosted by Craig
\"Zippy\" Blake from upstate New York is now being offered in two formats on HeirChex
Digital Servicing.

Press Release Body: HeirChex Digital Servicing is proud to host and distribute the
long-standing metal show, Weathered Steel. Weathered Steel is now available in two
formats! One has each of the four hours broken up into four segments so each station
can air their own PSA's & commercials at four different times during the show. The
other has each full hour of programming uncut with PSA's included. With each of the
four full uncut hours the station only has to worry about adding programming at the
top of each hour for station identification and whatever else the station might want

About Weathered Steel:
Weathered Steel is a positive metal/hardcore show whose goal is to entertain the
masses with the most brutal show without all the satanic crap or vulgarity. To play
music that is uplifting and encouraging. There is more than enough music out there
to do this and if you listen to the show you'll see that it's true. Weathered Steel
is hosted by Zipdryve. Zipdryve has over 11 years of experience in broadcasting
having mentored with Samme Palermo for over 10 years. Over that time of training his
desire for the loud music just kept getting stronger and started creeping into the
program that he was hosting for Samme. So he stepped out to do what was on his
heart, which again is to bring positive loud rock of all formats to the world in an
intense and entertaining way.

About HeirChex:
HeirChex Digital Servicing is a \"One Stop Shop\" for the radio station, radio
promoter, artist, label, and disc jockey! HeirChex has been offering a digital
download solution for radio airplay since 2004 and has combined experience in
professional media for over 50 years! Learn more at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Weathered Steel
21 Mapleview Circle
Penfield , NY 14526
Cell (585)314-1434

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