echoDonations org(tm) Releases Web 2 Widget for Facebook, MySpace - Local Nonprofit Launches New Viral Marketing Tool

Released on: January 29, 2008, 10:03 am

Press Release Author: echoDonations.orgT

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: As part of its viral marketing strategy, has
launched an Internet widget for use and sharing among more than 300 million social
media users.

Press Release Body: CINCINNATI, OH, January 28, 2008 - Today echoDonations.orgT
announced the launch of its first Internet widget; a tool used to share information
among millions of people who use the Internet in their daily lives. Demonstrating
the capability to reach over 300 million sets of eyes, the widget provides a way for
echoDonations.orgT to spread its message around the world.
Everyday more than 300 million people interact with each other online through over
twenty social media websites. Facebook alone has over 60 million registered users,
with numbers constantly swelling. "The widget is an incredible tool for online
sharing," according to the widget's creator Ryan Rosensweig, Director of Web
Marketing and Design at echoDonations.orgT. "I believe that a new wave of viral
marketing will develop quickly among nonprofit organizations as they seek new ways
to share their mission with the world."

As a sharing tool, the widget has been added to, as well as
other social media websites, such as MySpace, Facebook, and LiveJournal. Once added
to a webpage, the widget has the capability to link to other sites and can be shared
with other people who have accounts with a social media website or their own

The widget is a program in itself, which allows for advanced communication in a very
simple, concise way. Its physical appearance resembles a button or badge on a
computer screen, and contains a simple, clean message in the graphic.

Widgets are designed to spread messages as far and wide as the Internet will allow.
Anyone who finds echo's widget online can "click it," "donate,""grab it," or "share
it." By "clicking" the widget, the user is linked to and has the
option of reading their blog. Secondly, the widget has a feature that allows its
user to "donate now," a button that links directly to echo's donation page. Thirdly,
by choosing the option on the widget to "grab it," users can take the widget
themselves and add it to their own website. Lastly, the user can "share it," or
invite others to add it to their website.

The widget provides a highly broad form of marketing, which is greatly needed in the
expansive Internet world of today. No longer are marketers competing by word of
mouth and billboards. Today, they must find new ways to reach out and captivate
their audience.

About echodonations.orgT
echoDonations.orgT, the nation's leading online charitable mutual fund, is a
national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping charities start or grow their
online fundraising programs by offering loyalty building cash rewards for donors to
give more. More information is available at

Web Site:

Contact Details: CONTACT:
echoDonations.orgT, Michelle Matthews, 513.276.4332, ext 105.

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