`Breathe Easy Play Hard` Renowned Pediatric Pulmonologist Teams with Top Athletes to Teach Kids Asthma and Activity Actually Go Together

Released on: January 31, 2008, 3:55 pm

Press Release Author: Janis Schaeffer, M.D., PC

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Dr. Janis Schaeffer, renowned pediatric pulmonologist, has
created an innovative asthma awareness initiative called Breathe Easy Play Hard,
rooted in her website (http://www.breatheeasyplayhard.com/) designed to inform and
inspire children and teens with asthma.

Press Release Body:
New York, NY (February 1, 2008) - Asthma has a new line up as top athletes get
behind an innovative asthma awareness initiative called Breathe Easy Play Hard.
Created by renowned pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Janis Schaeffer, Breathe Easy Play
Hard is rooted in a website (http://www.breatheeasyplayhard.com/) designed to inform
and inspire children and teens with asthma. It teaches kids and their caregivers
that an athlete with asthma is not an oxymoron. The comprehensive website and PSA
campaign, featuring members of the New York Rangers, launched in January. Breathe
Easy Play Hard (BEPH) held it\'s hugely successful inaugural event at a New York
Rangers game on January 12th at Madison Square Garden in front of 18,000 Ranger
fans, who were eager to learn more about asthma and evaluate their breathing at BEPH
information stations located throughout the arena. In the coming weeks and months,
BEPH will hold additional events at Madison Square Garden with the New York Knicks
and Liberty with the intent of shining a spotlight on prominent figures with asthma,
who are at the top of their game.

"We want kids with asthma to know they can get active and stay active," said Dr.
Schaeffer. "The most important thing to understand is that once evaluated,
diagnosed and properly treated, asthma is not an impediment! In my two decades
treating children and teens, I have been frustrated by the fact that it often takes
years of pediatrician visits, school absences and worst of all, limited activity
before a child is referred to a pulmonologist. Breathe Easy Play Hard is a powerful
awareness campaign that explains how to recognize the signs and symptoms of asthma,
treat the condition, and get kids to play and stay in the game. Parents and coaches
need to know we can bench asthma, not the child."

The incidence of asthma has been steadily increasing and the condition, which
results from inflammation and constriction of the airways, currently affects at
least 1 in 10 children in the U.S. It is estimated that asthma is responsible for
12 million school absences a year.* Inadequate recognition of symptoms and lack of
treatment deprive kids of exercise and its many long-term health and psychological
benefits. But the good news is that with proper treatment, kids with asthma can
Breathe Easy and Play Hard!

To achieve its educational and inspirational goals, Breathe Easy Play Hard offers a
unique website highlighting many professional athletes, Olympians, entertainers,
prominent historical figures, and ordinary kids with asthma that have achieved
greatness. The program also features an outreach lecture series geared towards
school and sports professionals, televised public service announcements and yearly
events with prominent athletes and others. No child with asthma has to sit on the

About Breathe Easy Play Hard (www.BreatheEasyPlayHard.com.)
Breathe Easy Play Hard is a unique program dedicated to educating the public about
the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, and inspiring those with the condition to
achieve their full athletic potential. The initiative was launched by renowned
pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Janis Schaeffer to address the needs of children and
teens with asthma. Breathe Easy Play Hard features an innovative website,
informative lecture series, public service announcements and fun events aimed at
promoting youth asthma awareness.

* According to the American Lung Association

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Web Site: http://www.breatheeasyplayhard.com/

Contact Details:
Janis Schaeffer, M.D., PC
3003 New Hyde Park, Road Suite 204
New Hyde Park, New York 11042
Phone: (516) 488-7575
Fax: (516) 488-7585

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