`Graham Treakle Teaches Adults and Teens `The Art of the Short Sale At Unique Family Real Estate Seminar Focused on Investing in Real Estate Using the Internet`

Released on: February 27, 2008, 8:37 pm

Press Release Author: Educating For Success, Inc.

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: Graham Treakle will be a featured speaker at
RealEstateDays.com, a unique family conference hosted by Rhea Perry of Educating for
Success, Inc. that teaches how to invest in real estate through the Internet. At the
April 11-13, 2008 event in Huntsville, Alabama, Treakle will share his insider's
guide to successful short sales and foreclosures. Teens are welcome with responsible
adult. Learn more at http://RealEstateDays.com

Press Release Body: Huntsville, AL

February 27, 2008

Rhea Perry brings families together through home business. Her upcoming conference,
Real Estate Days, provides practical real estate investing education using the power
of the Internet.

Real Estate Days will be hosted in Huntsville, Alabama on April 11-13, 2008, and
features a wide variety of real estate concepts including the art of the "short
sale," taught by real estate investor Graham Treakle.

At this live event, Treakle, a former banker from Winston-Salem, NC, will teach how
to invest in foreclosures using successful short sales from an insider's

He will also teach:


Why current economic conditions will continue to drive foreclosures to new all
time highs

How to determine bank motivation to take short sales quickly and easily

Two things your foreclosure business needs and why you could be heading for
disaster if you don\'t have them

How to motivate a bank to quickly and happily agree to a short sale request

The \"loss mitigator secrets\" every investor must know

How to create the deals of your dreams

The \"critical questions\" you must ask to get a short sale accepted

How to maximize your short sale dollars, even if the property is in excellent

According to Perry, a soft market offers the perfect conditions and timing for
learning to invest in real estate.

"Now is the best time to learn how you can invest in real estate utilizing the power
of the Internet," says Perry. "When you combine the stability of real estate
investing with the power of the Internet, you can create financial freedom, prepare
for the retirement years that you know Social Security won't cover, and bring Dad
home like we did!"

Anyone interested in learning to invest in real estate using the Internet is invited
to attend this event. Teens must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Learn more at http://www.RealEstateDays.com.

# # #

Real Estate Days is hosted by Rhea Perry, a homeschooling mom of seven in rural
Tennessee, to help families get training in investment real estate. Learn more about
her here: http://www.RheaPerry.com

Web Site: http://www.RealEstateDays.com

Contact Details: P. O. Box 544, Lexington, AL 35648

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