7 Things Hillary Needs to Know about Her Words!

Released on: February 27, 2008, 2:47 pm

Press Release Author: Selby Ink

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: \"Every Word Has Power\" author Yvonne Oswald believes
political campaigns provide an excellent opportunity to see how words create our
future. She offers advice for making each word count.

Press Release Body: Staunton, VA) Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack
Obama need to be careful with every word. The words we speak and think are our
vehicle on our journey in life; they actually create our future. They program our
destinations and the speed with which we get there. \"Every Word Has Power\", says
author Yvonne Oswald, and nothing illustrates that fact better than political

Obama has fired up America's imagination with the words "hope", "Yes we can" and
"Stand for Change"; phrases that transcend day to day living. His words inspire
movement and the "I believe!" factor. When he quotes past inspirational leaders, we
unconsciously associate him with those people. On the other hand, Hillary's
"Solutions for America" offers curiosity but no forward movement. Her insistence on
a war of words may be her undoing because voters will associate her negative words
about others with her alone. Yvonne offers this advice about language to the

1.There are only two types of words: those that empower and those that don't.
2.That if you constantly direct your words towards another candidate (even
negatively), when the vote is cast, they'll be thinking of that other person!
3.Unconsciously people associate you with the words you use, even when you're
talking about someone else.
4."Criticism" has the highest count (300%) Emotional Marketing Value a word can
have; it lights up everyone's deepest hurts and when you're the one doing it the
backlash can be huge.
5.Twenty per cent of words in the English language carry emotional "weight" or
anchors. High-energy words bring high-energy results; low energy words bring no
results. Your mind (and the mind of the voters) is the biggest quantum search engine
in the world.
6.People like people who are like themselves; a campaign based on control and
dominance may inspire people to vote for you if you inspire fear. However those that
have voted for you out of fear will be the ones to turn on you if you don't deliver
your promises.
7.People will eventually talk about you the way you talk about others.

Yvonne suggests, "A president who models excellence in his/her use of language,
propels us all towards excellence and ultimately a freer, more empowered America."

For more information about Yvonne contact Mari Selby 540-446-5573

\"Every Word Has Power: Switch on Your Language and Turn on Your Life\"
Author: Yvonne Oswald,
Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing, Release Date: 4/2/08

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: Selby Ink
P.O. Box 791
Staunton, VA 24401

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